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Social Justice

Making the world a better place

In order to change the world, you have to change hearts AND minds. You need people to understand your cause, embrace your cause, and believe they can partner with you to make a difference. That’s no small task, but we believe video is one the most powerful weapons to help you accomplish your mission.

The Problems


Getting people to connect emotionally with your mission is critical – but it’s not enough. Social justice issues are complicated. If you want to activate people, they have to understand the problems you’re trying to solve – why those problems exist, what’s at stake, and what it takes to overcome them.


It’s no secret that we’re busier than ever, and there’s more competition for our attention than ever. In order to reach people and rally them to your cause, you need a way to cut through the noise and capture their attention.


In today’s world, our capacity to care is stretched thin. Or we see the headlines, hear the stories, and feel like the problems are too big for us to make a difference. How do you overcome these challenges and help people care about your cause, as deeply as you care about your cause?


The Solution:

Video Explains

Imagine if your organization had someone who could be anywhere, at anytime, and could perfectly explain the complexity and significance of your cause, every time. That’s the power of video. A great video can take complex issues and information, and communicate those things quickly, simply, and compellingly. Video helps people understand, and when they truly understand, they can engage.

Connect With A Video Strategist

Collaborate with an expert video strategist to bring your ideas to life.

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Video Moves

People are emotional creatures. We are wired to act not just based on thoughts or facts, but on feelings. Video has the ability to move people in powerful ways. When you combine beautiful and well-designed imagery, elegant narration, and sensory-rich sound effects and music, you can take people on an emotional journey that stirs them to action.



Video Illuminates

Video captures attention. It can teach and entertain, at the same time, in all the places and channels where people are used to consuming content. And when you can give them great content, you can cut through the noise and make your message known.

Selected Work


Exodus Cry


Compassion International


Letters Foundation

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