Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Educational videos make your message click and stick

Distill your big idea into a short animated video that grabs people’s attention.

Amplify an expert. Shape the conversation. Get people thinking about your thing in a new way. Educational Videos are designed to—you guessed it—educate people. And they work by doing so in an approachable, disarming way. Educational Videos are ideal for non-profits, whose missions rely on awareness to spur action. But many forward-thinking for-profit companies use Educational Videos, too, to build trust, goodwill and credibility as an industry leader.

Educational Videos at Work

Educational Video Series

Bite-sized Educational Videos, made for social media.

Break your message down across multiple animated videos that will rally your current supporters and convert your future ones. These videos are short and nonlinear, which makes them easy to digest and fun to share on social media. Think of the Educational Video Series as a public blitz of accessible, engaging content that will spotlight your cause and stimulate meaningful discussion. Perfect for non-profits, think tanks, policy orgs, ministries, thought leaders—anybody looking to grow their audience and lead the conversation.

Educational video series in action

Case study:

Exodus Cry


Exodus Cry is a nonprofit organization. Their mission: to abolish human trafficking and sex slavery. In order to fulfill their mission they have to challenge long-held cultural beliefs that keep people from seeing the real issue. In this case the belief that “prostitution is a choice” needed to be tackled head on.

Solution: Educational Video

The creative team dug in with Exodus Cry to really understand the nuances of the different arguments for and against the idea of prostitution as a choice. Then, a carefully crafted script was brought to life with a visual story that traces the trajectory of a young girl who must wrestle with the “choice” to engage in prostitution merely to survive.

Result: 1 million plus views

Using a modest budget for a targeted social campaign the video generated over a million views. Two thirds of those views came from organic traffic, not paid.

Why Epipheo?

"The quality of your work is not matched by anyone that we have ever worked with. This is the second project we have done with Epipheo and you guys nailed it again. It was just a fun process to go through and I can’t say enough wonderful things about your team, your services and your company. Hands down, I would recommend you to others."

– Warren & Doris Buffett

Talk with a video strategist to get started

educational video styles

The right style for
your story

The visual approach should always serve your message, not the other way around.

Educational Videos come in many shapes, sizes and styles. We should know—we’ve created thousands of them. Whether it’s animation, motion graphics or live action, we know exactly how to tell your story.


Things People Ask Us About


The sweet spot for Educational Videos is usually one to two minutes. Series can have as few as five videos or more than 30, anywhere from one to five minutes long. It all depends on your content, audience, and platform. We’ll help guide you to the right decisions.


Our standard timeline is 6–8 weeks for a single video, but we can scale to accommodate rush timelines and multi-video needs. Timing also depends on your team’s availability. Let us know when you need your videos, and we’ll figure out the best process for you.


Video cost accounts for many factors including production value, rounds of revision, total amount of videos needed, and your timeline. Feel free to contact us for more about pricing and our process.

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