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Email Marketing

Why Use Video In Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. You reach your audience directly. You have control over the message. And, hey, sending emails is free. You’re probably already doing it. But could you do it better?

With video, you can. Video is the best way to not only get your audience’s attention but also convey your message or purpose—all in a quick way that won’t outlast people’s ever-shortening attention spans. Using video in your emails brings a 300% increase in click-through rate and a 75% reduction in unsubscribe rates. Simply put, short-form videos increase user engagement.


Ways You Can Use Video In Your Email Marketing

Subject Line. Email open rates are vastly improved by video.

Intro. Since video is great at showing your value quickly, it might be the first thing you put in the email. Then, after they’ve watched it, they’ll go back and look at the rest of what you have to say.

Call to Action. Watching a video is a very small ask of your audience. If they’ve opened and read your email, they’re very likely to be willing to click a link to go see a video. And voila, they’re on your site.

Connect With A Video Strategist

Contact your very own video strategist to help you get the perfect video for your goals.

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Key Strategies For Email Videos

  • Consider if you want people to watch it before reading or vice versa.
  • Grab their interest in the first ten seconds.
  • Get to your value quickly.
  • Teach them something so they’re glad they opened your email.



How Does Epipheo Make Email Videos?

When someone opens a video in an email, they won’t watch long unless they see the value clearly. An email marketing video needs to show it in a way that quickly helps them understand what you can do. We focus on finding that a-ha moment and bringing it to life, giving your audience an epiphany that gets them take the next step.

Looking for a product that solves this use case?

Check Out The Animated Explainer Video.

Animated Explainer Video
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