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Financial Services

Piece of mind about your piece of the pie 

The world of finance and insurance can be perceived as complex but is critical part of your consumers’ lives. We’re here to help them understand your services, benefits or services or even finance basics. We believe that people find peace of mind when they have the benefit of understanding.

The Problems


Though your customers may have money, there’s a good chance they’re not confident about what they should or shouldn’t be doing with it. So they resort to asking the internet things like “what is the difference between finance and accounting?”, “how does insurance work?”, or “how do I know if I’ll have enough money when I retire?”. These are all great questions, but they’re going to find hundreds of different, even conflicting answers out there, which leads to your customers feeling confused and unsure how to move forward.


We’re all aware that finances are high on the list of stressors. If people are worried that they or someone else might be mismanaging their most critical assets, those feelings can erode their sense of wellbeing and peace of mind. Everyone’s reaction to financial stress is different… while it might trigger one person to stay up all night reading articles about what’s new in insurance technology, another person may choose the “out of sight out of mind” route and hope it’ll resolve itself on its own. While these examples are extreme, most of your customers are facing financial stress because they’re unsure of what steps they should be taking to care for themselves and their loved ones. Bring peace of mind by informing your customers through video.


In the last several years, banks certainly haven’t been exempt from being featured in headlines about corruption and fraud. Even if your company is be safe and secure, the general public might still be a bit wary to trust you. While most people aren’t going to resort to hiding their money under their mattress anymore, they’re likely to divide up the management of their assets among many different places in an effort keep control in their own hands. 


The Solution:

Video Clarifies

Most people learn best when sight and sound converge… And that’s exactly what video does. It’s one thing to hear someone explain what leverage in finance is, but it’s a totally new experience to have complimentary visuals to help clarify and add meaning.

Connect With A Video Strategist

Collaborate with an expert video strategist to bring your ideas to life.

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Video Garners Trust

People are more likely to trust someone, or in this case, a brand, who helps bring clarity to a confusing topic. Not only that, but videos can embody the personality of the brand. Elements like the voice over, visual style, music, and sound design all come together to represent your brand to your customers.

Giving your audience an understanding of your brand and dispelling their confusion are great first steps towards building trust.



Video Reassures

Not only is video a concise way of not only explaining a confusing topic, it should also leave your audience with a simple, targeted and clear next step to take. Whether that’s watching another video, reading a newsletter or reaching out to an advisor… it allows your customer to move forward without worrying that they’re missing something and mismanaging their assets. This type of reassurance and peace of mind is invaluable.

As storytellers and creative collaborators we seek to find clarity and deliver that through the powerful medium of video. We’ve helped some of the largest financial and insurance companies in the world to tell their story and see results––here are just a few:

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