Motion Graphics

A growing number of companies are marketing services that don’t exist in the real world. Instead, they are entirely digital. If your company primarily works with data, or has to do with any kind of networking or security, it might not be possible to depict what you do in a realistic way that’s also impactful. Your video can’t just be people sitting at their computers or using their phones. That’s when you use motion graphics.

A motion graphics video might be right for you if your product or service exists solely in the digital space, or is so complex that it can’t be depicted directly.

What is a motion graphics video?

It’s any video that uses text, icons, shapes, charts, and graphs to communicate ideas in an abstract or symbolic way. The broadest definition motion graphics would say that any video that doesn’t feature characters fits the bill, but the best examples of motion graphics videos distill complex and abstract ideas into simple images, and they tell stories by demonstrating the relationships between these ideas with slick motion and transitions. Many motion graphics videos are completely 2D, or rely on kinetic typography. Still others, the fanciest ones, incorporate 3D motion graphics to give the video a sense of space.

Think Big

You can tell a simple story with just two people in a room with a few props. But that might not accurately explain the scope of your offering. Motion graphics videos are commonly used to explain how high tech big data or cloud technology works. These technologies are impressive because of the scale they operate at. We’re talking about millions of operations per second, or billions of bytes of data, all being accurately managed and routed on a global scale.

You can’t show that with two people in a room. You can barely show that with a map of the world. Instead, you need to create a functional video metaphor out of shape and motion that demonstrates exactly how impressive your product is.

A motion graphics video might be right for you if your product or service operates at an extreme scale, from the microscopic all the way up to the global… and beyond.

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The color and the shape

Motion graphics videos are fashionable right now, and they’re a great fit for any company that is branding conscious or wants to communicate sophistication. Motion graphics companies like Epipheo will work closely with your brand guidelines to create a video that will look right at home no matter where you deploy it.

The elements of motion graphics designs are well suited to be flexible for any brand. Because you’re working primarily with text, shape, color, and motion, the world of your motion graphics video can be tailored to accomplish exactly what you need it to accomplish, no matter how specific or out-there your brand requirements are. And the end result is an eye-catching and engaging video that emphasizes the two things that are most important to brand-conscious companies: your identity, and your ideas.

A motion graphics video might be right for you if your brand favors bold colors and sophisticated visual design.

Sound Ideas

An essential element of motion graphic video design is often ignored, but it makes a huge difference. It’s sound design. Motion graphics videos create huge opportunities to tell your story through sound and music, which makes them a perfect fit for keynote presentations or brand identity pieces.

Conversely, the best motion graphics videos are created in such a way that they will work without any sound at all. This means you can deploy them at trade show booths or as muted autoplay videos on social media without losing any impact.

A motion graphics video might be right for you if your message or brand could benefit from rich sound design, or if you need to get your message across in a noisy (or completely silent) environment