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Taking care of business by taking care of people

Both healthcare and pharmaceutical industries deal with complexities on many levels––from process to procedures to innovations and life-saving breakthroughs. The time to be clear and also sensitive couldn’t be more critical.

The Problems


Healthcare can be an overwhelming topic. Many people ignore things like routine doctor visits and keeping up with their medication because they feel healthy, because it’s hard to keep track of everything or even because they might fear the unknown. Taking care of yourself is easy to ignore until something goes wrong. That’s scary as well. No matter where your audience is in their health journey or how they’re feeling… They need something that will catch their attention, keep it, and empower them to take steps towards better health.


When it comes to healthcare and pharma, there’s an incredibly amount of information out there… It’s impossible to be aware of all the policies, procedures, and treatments. All this can be overwhelming on a normal day, but imagine you need to know this information because you or someone you love is sick and needs care. That amount of complexity is incredibly overwhelming.

Continuous Change

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries change at a pace that’s hard to follow… So people resort to googling “how will the healthcare reform affect me?” and “new treatments for [insert disease]”. Unfortunately, the answers they find in a forum from 2013 aren’t accurate and they certainly aren’t up-to-date. Trying to stay abreast of healthcare changes can feel like a full time job… Wouldn’t it be nice if they could go straight to the source to get up-to-date, accurate information?


The Solution:

Video Clarifies

Moving visuals and a compelling script work in tandem to add depth and meaning in a way that standalone copy or a static image cannot. Even the most confusing, convoluted topic can be made clear with video. It’s approachable, disarming, and an incredibly efficient medium to explain a complex topic.

Connect With A Video Strategist

Collaborate with an expert video strategist to bring your ideas to life.

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Video Informs

As a healthcare or pharmaceutical company, you can use video to relay the most important information to consumers. You’re able to give your audience a targeted message… Instead of overwhelming them with a sea of information, give them what they need to take a confident step forward.



Video Empowers

Especially when it comes to emotionally charged topics, video does a great job giving concrete, clarifying information, while also approaching everything with nuance and sensitivity. That combination of helpful information and sensitivity help your audience make the right decision for themselves and their health. This is a deeply personal journey for everyone, and video allows space for each person to feel understood and empowered.

As storytellers and creative collaborators we seek to find clarity and deliver that through the powerful medium of video. We’ve helped some of the largest healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in the world to tell their story and see results––here are just a few:

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