About Us


Who we are. What we’re about.

Helping people “get it” is why we do what we do. From animated explainer videos to full-length feature films, we answer big questions for vast audiences. We’re a creative powerhouse of thinkers and creators obsessed with finding compelling ways to deliver complex messages so they’re easy to understand and too captivating to miss.

We can’t wait to collaborate and make something that makes the world take notice.


Discovery & Content Strategy

We start with a kick-off call where we discover who you are, what you do and, most importantly, why you matter. Once we understand you and your message, we can help others do the same.



Video Planning

The planning stage is about getting your eyes on the creative vision we have for your project. We develop a story arc and visual concept that is both effective and on-budget. We deliver via a document we call “The Story Plan.”



Here, we write the script, create a custom illustration style sample, and storyboard each scene. Typically, this is delivered in the form of an animatic: a set of moving storyboards timed to a rough VoiceOver recording. We call this “The Production Plan.”


Production & Post

Now it’s time to combine all the elements into a finished video. You also get to keep the work done during planning and pre-production to help you communicate your epiphany beyond the final video.

Behind every video is a talented cast of characters working to bring your vision to life.

THE Account Manager

The Account Manager makes sure you’re kept in the loop, things are running smoothly, and you’re ultimate happy with your experience working with us. They are your main point of contact and will guide you along every step of the way.

THE Creative Director

The Creative Director’s job is to ask all the right questions, pull out all the right information, and sift through everything to find that one, simple, shining epiphany. From there, they work with the team and direct the video to make sure it’s clear and meaningful to your audience.

THE Art Director

When it comes to video, visual design is key. The Art Director partners with the producer at every stage of the process, from early concepts to art style to storyboards to animation to ensure the visuals are working.


What sets us apart and makes us succeed


Every Epipheo video comes with an epiphany. An a-ha moment. Helping people “get it” is why we do what we do.


Epipheo is more than a production studio. We’re a creative powerhouse with the super-skills to simplify big ideas and tell meaningful stories.


We believe the best work is born of collaboration. You show us who you are and we’ll help you show the world.

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