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Thought Leadership

Why Use Video For Thought Leadership

Traditionally, the main methods to demonstrate thought leadership have been blogs, white papers, and guides. As video’s popularity has grown over the last few years, it’s almost obligatory to use as part of your thought leadership strategy.

Plus, since search engines and social networks like Facebook are increasingly putting video first, there’s a clear need to use video for thought leadership if you want to be on top. Which, of course, you do.


Ways You Can Use Video for Thought Leadership

Trust. Thought leadership is a great way to connect with your audience. Since you aren’t directly selling or promoting, you earn trust and and brand loyalty.

Engagement. One video keeps people engaged for awhile. A series of videos keeps them coming back. Steady video content is a great method for developing a loyal following.

Top-of-Mind. A series of thought leadership videos not only reinforces your expertise, but also keeps you in front of your audience.

Connect With A Video Strategist

Contact your very own video strategist to help you get the perfect video for your goals.

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Key Strategies For Thought Leadership Videos

  • Answer questions you know your audience is asking.
  • Break down your answers into a series of content or serial content.
  • Establish a style and stick with it.
  • Publish consistently and regularly.



How Does Epipheo Make Thought Leadership Videos?

Big ideas are complex and require clarity and consistency. We help figure out how to break down your big idea into little ideas, then figure out how to help your audience understand those ideas. By strategizing around serial content, we deliver the a-ha moments that get your audience to see you as a trusted leader and expert in your big idea.

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