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Do you really want to send another memo?

Spread the word with more than words.

Sometimes, email is great. Event reminders, quick updates, meeting minutes. Type it out and send it out. Sometimes, it’s not great enough. Big announcements, new initiatives, critical messages. You need everyone to pay complete attention to what you have to say.

The Problems


Problem is, they’re already hearing a lot. Email comes in at a faster and faster pace, so anything that pops into their inbox is quickly drowned out. Not only does that mean most emails get skimmed (at best), but it also means your message is competing with a zillion others. That’s not good enough. And that’s if they even open the email in the first place.


The reason people often resort to emails for internal communication is that at least it says the same thing to everyone. They’d rather say it in person, but they can’t. Sometimes, the next-best approach to that is to have managers or regional directors do an in-person announcement, but that inevitably means the message gets shared in slightly different ways. All that does is create confusion when this person from this department is chatting with that person from that department, and one says to the other, “That’s not what I heard.”


People are loathe to change. You have to give them a good reason. Even more than that, you have to give them a good reason in a way that they’ll be persuaded by. Even if YOU know that your message is important, everyone else might not. They might not see the urgency of a new initiative, or the opportunity in a new project, or the potential impact of a new acquisition. It takes more than logic and facts. It takes a compelling vision that connects with their emotions and shows them why change is necessary.

The Solution:

Video Compels

Video stands out from emails because it’s engaging, it’s quick, and it’s clear. Studies have found that email rates rise significantly just by having the word “video” in the subject line. So that helps with the first hurdle. Because video can use both words and images, it can communicate your message more quickly. Plus, when it’s well done and focused, it creates a clear a-ha moment in people’s minds, helping them understand your message and feel inspired to act.

Connect With A Video Strategist

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Video Coheres

Because everyone will watch the same video, everyone will hear the same message. Plus, now that you have their attention, you can follow it up with more details in a longer memo or presentation to help make it clear what they can do now and what’s coming next.

Video Motivates

Because of its emotional impact, video inspires people to change. They don’t really want to hear the minutiae of a product launch timeline; you can fill them in on all that stuff later. They want to care about it. Through the dynamic medium of video, you can get them to share your passion for whatever it is you’re trying to say.

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