Video Retainer

Get More. Spend Less.

Unlimited videos and chances to shine. A video retainer is an infinitely scalable way to create all the videos you need, on demand.


A full-service video studio at your fingertips, able to start as many new video projects as you need, all while getting the lowest price possible?

Introducing our video-as-a-service retainer

Is a retainer right for me?

If cost, speed, and scalability are preventing you from the amount of video content you need to achieve your content goals, keep reading.

If you’re just looking for a single video, you don’t need to commit to a retainer. Just click below to get started.

The three problems you're probably facing


Video is expensive


Video is slow


Resources are limited

How it works


Account Manager

An Account Manager will be your main point-of-contact and the liason between you and the studio.



The blueprint that lays out all of the opportunities, needs, and areas your organization could use video.


New projects

For new projects, fill out a new project form and we will make a creative brief. For smaller projects, just shoot an email and we’ll start right away.


Review Rhythm

Regular project check-ins, monthly time-reporting, bi-annual work reviews.

A more equitable structure

Depending on your video needs, we create two retainer amounts: Ceiling and Floor. The Ceiling is the maximum amount of work we can do for you in a given month. This is what you’d budget for.

We also set a Floor amount. This is the minimum amount you’d pay for a given month. Unlike traditional models where you pay the full amount every month, the Floor reduces your risk while still allowing us to retain and protect resources for your account.

If the amount of work falls in between the Ceiling and Floor, you pay for exactly as much as we do.

Use cases

Learn how a retainer can help your business grow


Why would I do this?

You’ve got unique needs. We’ve got a unique program that can really help you. 


Lower Per-Video Costs

It’s possible to see a 30-50% reduction over a traditional studio rate for video production in this model.


Speed & Flexibility

The team is set aside for you, at the ready for whatever you need. Additionally, we cater to your processes, whereas a studio needs you to follow their process to protect their project margins. This gives you ultimate accessibility to video.


Ongoing content

We can create a calendar and plan of content and just crank all year long, giving you and your team a steady stream of high-quality content. This is great for social, email programs, serialized content, or annual campaigns.


New Ideas

Our team will be thinking about your business all the time, and we’ll be coming up with ways for you to leverage the retainer because, let’s face it, it’s in our best interest to do so. So you’ll have no shortage of creative firepower added to your team.


Variety of Content

Instead of thinking in “full video” terms, we can create different versions of your videos, repurpose old video content, create multiple versions of videos for testing purposes, create unlimited ad formats and versions, and much more. The options for how to use content can be endless.

The benefits of this model over an internal hire are many, but here are the biggest ones:



Your internal person/team is limited. We know from experience. Every client that has an internal team gets bottlenecked at some point, and they end up having to outsource work to a studio.


More than just animation

No matter who you hire, they are going to be limited in their scope of creative abilities. An animator, for example, is not necessarily a story designer. A videographer isn’t a writer. And neither of them are sound engineers or music composers. To get the full value of an in-house video team, you’d need to hire quite a few people. However, with Epipheo, you get all of these resources for the same blended hourly rate. And we can scale as large as you need us to.


Collaborative partner

We can do so much more than just animate your work. We’ll support your vision and help optimize how you use video for new ideas, pitches, etc. at no cost. We can also write content or record sound for other needs you may have, or get even more creative with how you can use our studio.



If the full-timer or team you hired quits, you’re stuck. You’ll have to recruit, train, onboard, and manage—all things that take time and attention away from what you should be doing. We never run out of talent, and we handle all the recruiting, training & onboarding so you don’t have to.

Great question. To put it simply:


Better Unit economics

Because we can plan ahead and dedicate resources to your account, we can lower the margin on a per-unit basis to you. So, you get cheaper video.



When you reach out to a studio, they have to break into their production flow to accommodate you. With a retainer, we never have to do that, so we just move faster.


Ongoing Collaboration & support

When you have a per-project arrangement with a studio, they can’t afford to be thinking about you in between projects. They need to move on to the next client. Not so with this. Our team will be thinking about you non-stop, so you get maximum collaboration and support.


Consistency of brand

The closer we get to you and your organization, the better your video outcomes become. We just simply understand your world better and can provide a much more catered and consistent service to your team.

Three reasons:


We're focused on video

We’re not going to pressure you to give us your web design work, print work, etc. We want video. Agencies are designed to seek every bit of work they can, so you’ll be consistently hit with sales pitches to give them more. Us? Just video. That’s all.


We're flexible

They aren’t. Remember the ceiling and floor? It’s a new way of thinking about a retainer relationship. Instead of you paying a set amount no matter what, we flex a bit so your risk goes down. Agencies? Not so much.


We're more cost-effective

A typical agency will charge between $140-$160 / hour for video work. Depending on your tier of retainer, we can come in at around a 40%-50% discount from those figures. So yeah, we’re way more cost-effective.

Just want to start with a single video and see how it goes?

We’d love that.