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Big Data

Big data is a big deal

Video can show it, Big Time.

Before Big Data could become a Big Thing, people had to believe it was a Real Thing. That meant they needed to understand what data analytics was, what it could do for them, and how they could tap into it. We’ve found that there are a few typical hurdles.

The Problems


Big Data comes with Big Promises—and people are always (rightfully) skeptical of these. They want evidence that Big Data can deliver what it says it’ll deliver. They want to hear details of how it can deliver for them. Anyone who’s looking into it wants to see real clarity and logic before they’ll be willing to invest in it.


The idea of conducting data analysis is not new. For many industries, though, the idea of tossing a ton of data into a database to get a breakthrough insight—that’s still pretty new, even though Big Data has been around for a few years. Whenever something is truly novel, getting people to get it is a more difficult task than with marginal improvements. The fact that Big Data is a concept rather than a product means the challenge is even greater.


Not only are some of the ideas around Big Data new, they are also complicated. Doing Big Data well requires more than just getting lots of data. It requires new ways to store it efficiently. It requires new software to do analysis well. It requires new experts to handle and wrangle it all. With all these questions swirling around, it’s understandable why people don’t always grasp what Big Data is and what they can (and must) do with it.


The Solution:

Video Envisions & Inspires

Because video is a dynamic medium, it’s perfect for capturing the excitement around Big Data and casting the vision for what it can transform. Whether it’s from vibrant visuals, inspiring music, or a remarkable story, video helps people grasp the true transformative potential of Big Data.

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Video Concretizes

Because video is a storytelling medium, it’s perfect for presenting concrete examples. Giving people a specific instance of what Big Data could achieve leads to two beneficial responses. If the example is directly relevant to them, the video immediately shows how Big Data could apply to their business. Even if it’s not, the video still prompts them to imagine an example. In either case, the concrete example helps make it real to them.



Video Simplifies

Because video is an efficient medium, it’s perfect for communicating value quickly. Big Data can seem like an intimidating topic. After all, it’s Big! But instead of trying to communicate every single thing about the topic, a video boils it down to its essential appeal: Big Data can help reveal new opportunities for your business. Not only does this help the audience understand the value for them, it also gives them confidence about diving into a whole new world.

As storytellers and creative collaborators we seek to find clarity and deliver that through the powerful medium of video. We’ve helped some of the largest financial and insurance companies in the world to tell their story and see results––here are just a few:

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