Whenever there’s a technological advancement in a visual medium, two things happen. First, people notice. Second, new stories become possible. Through the history of film, we went from color to black and white, from silent films to talkies. Then the advent of computer generated imagery allowed us to create fantastic sights out of literally nothing, taking viewers into worlds of unprecedented depth. And now 3D animation is accessible to any company or brand that wants to use it.

What is 3D animation? You’ll know it when you see it, but broadly it’s defined as animation created with software that lets you create and manipulate shapes and models that are fleshed out with textures and other effects. When you pit 2D animation vs. 3D animation, 3D will come out ahead in flexibility and sheer glossy good looks.

Your video could benefit from 3D animation, whether it’s rendered entirely in 3D, or uses a hybrid approach to mix 2D or 3D animation or live action. 3D video elements let you move the camera around to achieve effects that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish with more conventional animation. Things you’d think would be simple, like showing a car turning, or rotating a delicious-looking plate of food so you can see every part of it, are only really possible to do well with 3D.

A 3D animated video might be right for you if your story is impossible to tell in a flat medium, if visual depth and solidity are essential to your product or message.

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Always remember to maintain a sense of perspective. Or, when you’re thinking about making a 3D animated video, just create your own perspective. 3D video production gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to create a visual world where every rule supports your message, uninhibited by the limitations of flatter animation styles.

With 3D animation, you have complete control over how every element looks, moves, and works. This works especially well for videos and stories that prominently feature objects. Whether they’re simple or complex, everyday or exotic, 3D animation lets you show them however you want, in whatever setting you want. It’s a cliché, but the only limit is your imagination.

A 3D animated video might be right for you if the idea of complete control over an imaginary world is appealing to you (of course it is).


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Computer generated imagery is all over the place, but most people associated it with Hollywood movies. 3D animation just feels fun. And when people have fun, they pass your video along. This also happens when they feel entranced, drawn in, or blown away. 3D animation can accomplish all of this.

Nobody can promise that a video will go viral, but you can do everything in your power to help make your content likeable and shareable. 3D animation is powerful shorthand for sophistication, and it will build a sense of credibility and authority for your brand or message.

A 3D animated video might be right for you if you want your message to have immediate audience appeal and shareability.

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This will sound shallow, but looks matter. This is marketing, the goal is to be noticed. To stand out. To rise above your competition in the minds of your audience. 3D can help you do that, because it doesn’t just look good and open up new visual storytelling opportunities, it has a whiz-bang quality that just makes people pay attention.

High production values don’t come cheap. Any 3D animation creator will tell you that these videos are time consuming to make, which means the barrier to entry is prohibitive. However, when you’re weighing the costs and benefits of 3D animation, or trying to decide if it’s appropriate for your message, remember that you only get one shot to make a first impression.

A 3D animated video might be right for you if you have a budget and want to make an impression. 3D animation is expensive in a lot of ways, but the investment will yield you a video that is slick, attractive, and can accomplish things that flat images simply cannot do. You can get a 3D animated video by working with a studio that specializes in 3D, or by working with a company like Epipheo that does both 2D and 3D animation.