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Sales Enablement

Why Use Video For Sales Enablement

Salespeople don’t have it easy. Whether they’re cold-calling or following up on leads, they’re often seen as intruding. Plus, thanks to search, buyers have more control than ever. So, you need to empower your sales team.

There are many tools that can help with sales enablement, but video has a unique power: people love it. They’re consuming it more than ever. Which means it doesn’t seem as intrusive. Plus, it’s simply more engaging than typical sales enablement tools.


Ways You Can Use Video for Sales Enablement

Engagement. Things like white papers, sales decks, and case studies are great. They can also be a bit dry. Video can give them new life, which makes your existing content more powerful.

Control. Video can also give your audience more control, which is what they expect nowadays. Through clickable objects, they can choose where they go next without leaving your website. When they’re control, they also feel less like they are being sold to.

Tracking. Plus, it’s easy to track engagement with video. When your sales team can see that a lead has watched a video, they can know when and how to follow up.

Connect With A Video Strategist

Contact your very own video strategist to help you get the perfect video for your goals.

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Key Strategies For Sales Enablement Videos

  • Enhance existing successful content with video.
  • Pair sales enablement videos with marketing automation software.
  • Personalize video with automated tools.
  • Automate delivery of sales material based on buyer engagement with video.



How Does Epipheo Make Sales Enablement Videos?

We approach sales enablement videos by asking two basic questions. The first, what successful sales collateral do you currently have? Second, where in the funnel do you need the most support?

From that, we craft a video that will deliver an a-ha moment to your audience, so that they’ll quickly see the value they can get from you and be eager to take the next step in your funnel.

Looking for a product that solves this use case?

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Video Case Study
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