Epipheo Films

Backed by industry-leading animators, illustrators and filmmakers, we make animated films and shows that help you reach your target audience in big, new ways.

We produce animated feature films and shows from start to finish, but we can also handle just one stage of the process. We’ll build the team you need to take your project to the premiere.

From the first sketch to the final cut, our constantly expanding hive of creative minds and technical titans work to make cinematic magic happen for you.


Daniel Armstrong is a highly skilled designer, director, illustrator, and animator with years of experience creating animated videos for clients. With his expert eye for detail and passion for storytelling, Daniel is also producing a multi-million dollar 2D feature film set to release in 2025. His leadership and creativity make him an asset to any project, and his dedication to bringing visions to life is evident in everything he does


Sam Handelsman is Epipheo’s Managing Director and Executive Producer for Epipheo Films. He has implemented and overseen the development and management of 10’s of millions of dollars of animated video projects, including a $20M full-length feature animated film. His imagination paired with his keen business sense make him a great guide for anyone looking to produce a film or show for their organization.

In partnership with our client, The Salvation Poem, Epipheo Films is producing a full-length animated feature film on the life of Jesus, told in a fresh, new way. The film is set to have a theatrical release in 2025, with a runtime of approximately 88 minutes. Epipheo Films assembled a crew of over 65 people to handle development, pre-production, and production management of the project.