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Shake your SaaS

You’re telling me it’s just somewhere out there?
Bringing clarity to the age of disruption.

Accounting. Analyzing. Organizing. Just about every software people have used in the information age now runs in the cloud. But, wait? What does that really mean?

The Problems


If you’re a SaaS company, you’ve undoubtedly heard an objection like, “Oh, we already have that.” And then they go on to describe how they have software for their CRM or a system for the ERP, or—gasp!—paper records. It’s not exactly easy to sell them something they think they already have, especially if it’s been working just fine.


Just when people were starting to understand software, other people started putting the software in the cloud. While WHAT the cloud does is (thankfully) mostly well understood by now, what’s not always clear is HOW it’s different. Besides the notion of using software that isn’t actually on your computer, people don’t immediately get what’s going on—to say nothing about why it matters.


Once people understand what SaaS is and how it’s different, they need to believe that it can be valuable for them. After all, you’re asking them to make multiple shifts. First, they have to leave their current system behind. Second, they have to—let’s say it all together now—move to the cloud.


The Solution:

Video Clarifies

The simplicity and directness of video is perfect to cut through confusion. By pairing words with visuals, it’s a great medium to illustrate how SaaS is different, what that means it can do, and why it’s at least worth considering. Once your audience gets a sense of how your software works, they’ll be more open to hearing the pitch of what makes it worth considering.

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Video Specifies

Beyond the general picture, video is great at showing particular differences. For instance, to an audience that might be used to taking months to install software across their company, showing how quickly they can get up and running with your SaaS offering will help them begin to understand the most important part: value.



Video Proves

There are two great ways a video can prove your value. First, by explaining some of the specific differentiators, it can illustrate some ways that a company can reap the rewards of switching to SaaS. Things like no upfront investments, scalability, better security, and easier management. While you might not want to go through the whole laundry list, you can definitely touch on your main benefits. The second is that you can show an actual case study. Did a particular company switch to you and save millions? Explain how in a video. Nothing erases doubt like a real-world example.

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