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B2C Videos

B2C: It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Let me show you what it’s all about.
How video can get consumers to understand what you do.

The Problems


Consumers are ready to move on before they start listening to what you have to say, so you need something that catches their attention and keeps it. You know what makes you different from the other people selling the same product or service, but it’s not just about that… it’s about the way you communicate it. Even if your product or service is better than everyone else’s, if they’re better at catching and holding consumers’ attention, you might run into some problems.


At some point or another, everyone has believed claims that didn’t quite pan out. That causes the average consumer to be skeptical before you even start explaining what your product or service is. It can be hard enough to win their attention, much less their trust that your thing is going to do what you say it’ll do.


People don’t just buy things because they understand how they work… they buy things because they have a clear picture of how that thing will improve their life. They want to know the value of what they’re purchasing. Just don’t talk about it for too long or else, they’ll lose interest.  


The Solution:

Video Stands Out

It seems like everyone has a video to explain their thing. For good reason… video is a great way to communicate value. So how do you make sure your video stands out from the rest and holds your audience’s attention? Make it conceptually interesting, visually stunning and even surprising.

Connect With A Video Strategist

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Video Proves

Meet your audience’s skepticism with answers. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself… what would I be wary of? What information would I want before I’d entertain making a purchase? Then answer all those questions in an engaging way with words and visuals, in video form.



Video Demonstrates

Video can paint a picture of how your product or service improves your consumer’s lives. If it’s done well, it shouldn’t feel forceful or prescriptive… your audience should walk away from watching the video with an understanding of how your product or service works, but also be prompted to think about the place it has in their lives. The best type of videos pair concrete information with the opportunity to nudge the audience in the direction of imagining how much better their life would be if they had your thing.

As storytellers and creative collaborators we seek to find clarity and deliver that through the powerful medium of video. We’ve helped some of the largest financial and insurance companies in the world to tell their story and see results––here are just a few:

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