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Explain it with Video

If you could take your best elevator pitch, add visuals and press play, you’d have an Explainer Video. It’s a short, powerful explanation of what you do, how you’re different and why you matter.

It’s what dispels skepticism and makes people trust you. After all, people won’t buy what they don’t understand. That’s why our animated explainer videos are so effective. They pair stunning visuals with smart messaging to help viewers understand a product, service, idea or cause that’s complex or confusing. And that “a-ha moment” where it all clicks? We call that the epiphany.

The Numbers
Don't Lie

Studies have found that landing pages with explainer videos see an 80 percent increase in conversion. Better yet, they live forever, anywhere and everywhere—on your website, in email blasts, in sales pitches, at trade shows, and on and on.

Explainer videos in action

3d Explainer Videos

Crank your explainer video up a notch with 3D animation. 3D explainer videos add depth and dimension to your story for a more sophisticated look and feel that dazzles your audience and sets you apart.

The problem: Lead generation

Fifth Third Private Bank serves clients with $1 million or more in assets. Foot traffic in financial centers is down, so generating leads is harder than ever. They rely heavily on phone calls and email campaigns, but they needed something else to boost results.

Solution: animated explainer video

Embedded in their email campaign, an Explainer Video clarified the importance of reviewing and recalibrating financial plans. The call to action: schedule an annual review with their Fifth Third financial advisor.

Result: over 750 $1M Leads

The most successful campaign in the Private Bank’s history. More than 750 qualified leads poured into financial advisors for annual review appointments.

Why Epipheo?

Explainer video styles

The right style for
your story

The visual approach should always serve your message, not the other way around.

Explainer Videos come in many shapes, sizes and styles. We should know—we’ve created thousands of them. Whether it’s animation, motion graphics or live action, we know exactly how to tell your story.


Things People Ask Us About


The sweet spot for Explainer Videos is usually one to two minutes. It all depends on your content, audience, and platform. We’ll help guide you to the right decisions.


Our standard timeline is 6–8 weeks for a single video, but we can scale to accommodate rush timelines and multi-video needs. Timing also depends on your team’s availability. Let us know when you need your videos, and we’ll figure out the best process for you.


Video cost accounts for many factors including production value, rounds of revision, total amount of videos needed, and your timeline. Feel free to contact us for more about pricing and our process.

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