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Animated Explainer Video

Explain what you do, why you matter or how you're different

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What is it?

If you could take your best elevator pitch, add visuals, then press play, you’d have an Explainer Video. It’s the shortest, highest-octane explanation of what you do, why you matter, or how you’re different.

Who is it for?

It’s for organizations with a product, service, idea, or cause that’s complex or confusing. After all, people will not buy what they don’t understand. Explainer Videos marry beauty with simplicity to create clarity.

And people love clarity.

The Benefits of an Explainer

Increased Adoption

When you create an “a-ha moment” in the mind of your prospect, you remove barriers. They move from skepticism to interest, making it easier for you to move them from interest to conversion.

Time on Page

Studies have found that landing pages with Explainer Videos get an 88% increase in time on site and, more importantly, an 80% increase in conversion.


An Explainer Video is useful just about everywhere. On your website as an always-on pitch machine. Centerstage in your email blasts. Part of the perfect sales presentation. Beside your booth at trade shows, and more. It’s a versatile asset designed for high mileage.

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Download a guide that walks you through a more in-depth look at The Animated Explainer Video.


What we bring


Back before they were called “Explainer Videos”, people called them “Epipheos”. We’ve been creating Explainer Videos from the beginning and have produced thousands for some of the largest companies in the world.


We hear it a lot. “Our thing is so complicated. How could you ever understand it enough to explain it to a 5 year old?” Well, there’s very little we haven’t dug into over the years. From big data to big pharma. From healthcare to heavy machinery. From toilet paper to totalitarianism. We’ve learned a lot, and come up the curve quicker than you might think.

On top of that, we provide a range of creative voices from playful to professional and everything in between. We’re no one-trick-pony. We do what’s right for your video.

Great experience with Product Marketing and Product Management to help with our explainer videos.


Case Study: 5/3 Bank

Problem: Lead Generation

Fifth Third Private Bank serves clients with $1 million or more in assets. Foot traffic in financial centers is down, so generating leads is harder than ever. They rely heavily on phone calls and email campaigns, but they needed something else to boost results.

Solution: Animated Explainer Video

Embedded in their email campaign, an Explainer Video clarified the importance of reviewing and recalibrating financial plans. The call to action: schedule an annual review with their Fifth Third financial advisor.

Result: Over 750 $1M Leads

The most successful campaign in the Private Bank’s history. More than 750 qualified leads poured into financial advisors for annual review appointments.

Case Study: STD Check

Problem: Conversion is a safe and secure site that allows customers to do a discreet STD test via mail. Their business depends solely on website orders, but the Explainer Video they had invested in wasn’t getting the job done. Most customers had already clicked off by the 5 second mark.

Solution: Animated Explainer Video

An empathetic Explainer Video connected the audience’s story with’s service. We put the audience’s situation at the center of the video and kept it short.

Result: 7x Boost in Conversions

The video was crystal clear. So were the results: 7x increase in conversion over previous video.

Selected Work


Google: Life of an Order


Trip Advisor


Amazon Finance Tech


Jim Stengel


Fifth Third Bank Preferred



Live Action.
Motion Design.

What’s right for your project?

Videos come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. We should know. We’ve created thousands of them. The question we always ask is, “What’s right for this story?” The visual approach should always serve the message, not the other way around.

Sometimes the answer is character animation. Other times it’s best to grab a camera and crew. And then there are times we turn to motion graphics and iconography. Check out our portfolio to see all the possibilities.

Some of the Details



Runtime sweet spot is usually 1 to 2 minutes. It should be determined by considering level of complexity, your content, and audience. We’ll help guide you to the right decisions.



Our standard timeline is 6–8 weeks for a single video, but we can scale to accommodate rush timelines and multi-video per month engagements. Please note that the timeline also depends on your team’s availability. Let us know when you need your videos, and we’ll figure out the best process for you.



The cost takes into account many factors including production value, rounds of revision, total amount of video needed, and your timeline. Download our pricing and process guide for more info.

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