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Under attack!

You know the threats are out there.

But how do you show people you can keep them out there?

The Problems


In the world of cybersecurity, the primary goal is: nothing. People want nothing to happen. They want their business to operate without restriction and without intrusion. Their data stays in, and threats stay out. Of course, this can only happen because of highly sophisticated technical things. When they get into that, they can get a little overwhelmed in trying to understand what makes which solution the right solutions.


Target. Yahoo. Equifax. Probably someone else yesterday. We’ve all read the headlines, and we know that cybersecurity is high on the list of corporate concerns. With big pressure to prevent an attack, there’s a level of urgency that makes your audience VERY concerned with being sure they’re making the right decision.


There are a lot of cybersecurity solutions out there. This leads to technical confusion, yes, but it also means that people are waiting for you to impress them. If you want to stand out, you have to REALLY stand out.


The Solution:

Video Explains

They know that you’re promising to stop threats. To get them to pick you, you need to get them to understand how you do it. White papers and tech specs often get too far in the weeds and remain too abstract to be comprehensible to any but the most expert. The ultimate decision-maker probably isn’t. Video can help illustrate your approach and give them enough understanding of HOW your solution works so they’ll have confidence THAT it will work.

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Video Reassures

A video is more than just an educational tool. It’s not just logical. In an emotionally charged world that seems to have a new high-profile data leak every, oh, four hours or so, a video can help show that you share their concerns—and that you’re doing something about it. You can demonstrate empathy and familiarity with their situation, then offer a promise to help and a proof of how you’ll do so.



Video Shines

When you do it right, you impress your audience. Sometimes, that’s the little extra big of confidence that they want. Putting out a polished video with verve and style demonstrates that you know your solution works, that you’re willing to stick out your neck for them. A little bit of swagger can help set you apart.

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