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B2B Videos

The ABCs of B2B

From one business to another…
How video can get your business more business.

The Problems


Let’s be honest here. People don’t need to buy from you. You’re not selling a life necessity like food, water, or blazing fast internet. So you have a bit of a hill to climb. You have to show how you can bring them value. And you have to do it fast, or else they’ll turn away and focus on something more important, like finding better WiFi.


You know how this goes. Budgets are precious. Not only does no one want to spend a penny more than they have to, but they want to be sure that every penny they spend will pay off. A little thing called return on investment. They want to be sure it’s worth it. And they want to be sure they can show their boss it’s worth it.

Cluttered Space

Yes, yes, of course you’re unique. Just like every other B2B business. No matter what industry you’re in, people hear a lot of the same messages, over and over. The good news is that you’ve done your research and you know what sets you apart. The bad news is that you practically have to beg people to listen long enough for you to say even the first half of your first value prop.


The Solution:

Video Demonstrates

A narrative video can show exactly how you improve things. If you really know your audience, you can easily show that you understand their current frustrations and have built a way that alleviates them. That’s not just totally relatable. That’s obviously valuable.

Connect With A Video Strategist

Contact your very own video strategist to help you get the perfect video for your goals.

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Video Reassures

Not only can you show your value, you can preemptively answer doubts. While of course your product or service is beyond reproach, you do know that people have some common questions about it. If you want to stem those off, you can easily alleviate concerns before they arise. And that reduces perceived risk.



Video Stands Out

Sometimes, just having a video can help you stand out. But even if every one of your competitors has a great video (maybe that’s why you’re wanting to make one), you can use yours to stand out in several ways. Of course you can highlight your differentiators. But you can also make it in a unique style. Or talk about yourself in a different tone. Or just be flat-out cooler than those others.

As storytellers and creative collaborators we seek to find clarity and deliver that through the powerful medium of video. We’ve helped some of the largest financial and insurance companies in the world to tell their story and see results––here are just a few:

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