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Brand Videos


What Is it?

By now we’ve all seen the ubiquitous bullshit brand video. Sweeping generalizations, anthemic declarations, and empty creative that leaves you with more questions than clarity. That’s not how we think about Brand Videos at Epipheo.

A Brand Video is about truth, not hype. It’s about connecting the reality of what you do with what you stand for in a way that is clear, compelling, and authentic.

Who is it for?

Brands and organizations with something truly meaningful driving their business and the proof to back it up. Wannabes need not apply. But if there is alignment between what you care about and what you do, then don’t miss out. The Brand Video is for you.

When to use a brand video


When brand awareness is low

If people flat-out don’t know who you are, that’s a big problem. A Brand Video is one of the best ways to get their attention and make an impression.


When you need to change perceptions

It happens to even the best of brands: you’ve gotten off course, and people have lost the perception you want them to have. A Brand Video is a great way to get things back on track by delivering a fresh articulation of your what and why.


When you have a great story to tell

Frankly, not every company has a great story. If you do, it stands out—especially a great origin story. Where you came from has a lot to do with how people perceive what you are today. Not telling your compelling origin story is a huge missed opportunity.

Why Epipheo?

Case study:

LOWN Institute

Client Objective: Lead generation

The Lown Institute is a nonprofit organization that’s all about getting patients the right healthcare, not just more healthcare. They needed a video to show at their big annual conference, and more importantly, drive sign-ups for their Right Care Alliance program.

Solution: brand video

By contrasting an emotive reading of the Hippocratic Oath with visuals that contradict the essence of the pledge, we illustrated the dissonance between intentions and the current state of healthcare.

Result: Sign-ups

The Lown Institute doubled the number of Right Care Alliance members post-video release. They directly correlate this to the impact of this video. The video was also awarded a Gold Addy Award in 2017.


Things People Ask Us About


Runtime sweet spot is usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It should be determined by considering level of complexity, your content, and audience. We’ll help guide you to the right decisions.


Our standard timeline is 6–8 weeks for a single video, but we can scale to accommodate rush timelines and multi-video per month engagements. Please note that the timeline also depends on your team’s availability. Let us know when you need your videos, and we’ll figure out the best process for you.


Video cost accounts for many factors including production value, rounds of revisions, total amount of videos needed, and your timeline. Feel free to contact us for more about pricing and our process.

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