Whiteboard Animation

Take your idea and boil it down as far as you can. Speak it plainly, and don’t fuss around too much with pretty visuals. Take out your phone and film yourself drawing your story, step by step. Do all this, and you’ll have yourself a whiteboard video. Or the beginnings of one.

Whiteboard animated videos are the go-to standard for illustrating lectures and talks, where arguments are built brick by brick and sentence by sentence. They excel at this because simple styles allow for the ultimate visual flexibility. You’re not beholden to a limited visual world, you are creating images on demand to support your ideas. If you need it, draw it. If it will work, draw it.

Speak it plainly, and don’t fuss around too much with pretty visuals.

Will it work for you?

A whiteboard animation video might be right for you if you don’t need beautiful imagery, and you want to take the most direct path to get your idea across.

Spell it out

Every classroom has a whiteboard at the front because it’s a universal truth that the best lessons are taught when words and images combine. A whiteboard video lets you build your message from scratch, right before your viewer’s eyes. The simplistic visual style has a universal appeal to anyone who has spent time in a classroom, and it puts your epiphany at the forefront of the video.

Whiteboard videos put your epiphany at the forefront.

The best whiteboard videos are marvels of visual planning, as every word and image builds outward to form a larger image and story that’s both engaging and enlightening. The best whiteboard videos also have a casual and conversational tone, welcoming the viewer into the world of your idea, message, cause, or product.

If you’ve ever told your story by drawing on a napkin or the back of an envelope, you get the idea of a whiteboard video. Consider it if you’re using facts and the relationships between ideas to make a persuasive case for yourself.

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Quick and Dirty

The name “whiteboard video” is misleading, but it’s the best name we have for a very flexible visual style. Many popular videos in this style feature live action footage of someone actually drawing and writing on a surface with marker. Still others fake the effect. Others are created entirely on the computer, and resemble 2D cartoon animation but with a looser, stripped-down visual style. This animation style is diverse – check out the numerous whiteboard video examples in our portfolio and across the web.

The common feature between all of these is that they’re hand-drawn with a low-effort look, even though the best videos are the result of painstaking planning and scripting. Whiteboard videos don’t care if they lose beauty contests, because they wouldn’t enter them in the first place. Every whiteboard video is made with the confidence that its content can stand alone without embellishment.

A whiteboard video might be right for you if you need a video quick, or you really want something that looks homemade (because sometimes the best things are homemade).

The simple, stripped-down style may look low-effort, but it’s the result of painstaking planning and scripting.

A starting point for
your story

Whiteboard videos are excellent prototypes for stories that might benefit from more visual flair down the line. They’re also good for videos that support a flagship piece, complementing it by elaborating more on concepts that wouldn’t necessarily be helped by higher production values.

You could also make several whiteboard videos with a cohesive style to create a campaign that explains every part of your message or appeals to different audiences or use cases. Whiteboard video companies or services will help you flesh out your campaign idea.

A whiteboard video might be right for you if you’re just getting started with video marketing and you want to try something inexpensive before investing in a video with a more involved style.

Ready to graduate? It might be time to take your whiteboard video marketing idea and turn it into a 2D animated video.