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Show don’t tell

The world of consumer packaged goods is a noisy one. Full of messages, big ideas––and big promises. How are you going to get consumers to understand, care about, and ultimately buy your product over the other guys?

The Problems


People don’t buy what they don’t understand, which is a real problem if the thing you’re selling is new or complex. YOU know your product is great… But how do you communicate that to someone who knows nothing about your product or maybe even your industry? It’s not even as simple getting people to understand how your thing works… you help your audience to understand why your product matters to them. They need to be able to picture the ways your product would make their life easier, more enjoyable, safer, more fulfilling… well, you get the picture.


How in the world are you supposed to communicate all that to a person who’s constantly distracted and ready to scroll to the next thing before they even engage with you? You have to fight to compete with all the other stimulation out there. You have to do that by being clear, interesting and concise. Otherwise, you don’t even stand a chance.


Before you even engage with your consumers, they have their guards up. Chances are, they’ve purchased a product that didn’t end up doing everything it promised to do. Consumers have to be convinced… they need you to demonstrate and prove why your product rises above the rest QUICKLY, or you risk losing them to the next product that comes along.


The Solution:

Video Explains

When it comes to the consumer product goods industry, we think the best way to explain is through video. When words and moving visuals come together, they amount to more than just the sum of their parts. It’s one thing to hear someone explain what your product is and why it matters, but it’s a totally new experience to hear that while also having visuals to help clarify and add meaning. Your audience should be able to walk away from a video understanding what your product is, why it’s different from the other options and why it matters to them.

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Video Persuades

We all know humans make decisions based on both reason and emotion. Video allows you to appeal to both. It addresses all the practical questions of your audience… how does it work? Why is it unique?… While still having a human voice that gives your audience a sense of your brand, your values and the ways your product will make their lives better.



Video Stands Out

A beautifully crafted video is hard to ignore, even in a sea of other stimuli. It immediately catches the attention of your audience and if it’s done right, keeps them engaged and leaves them wanting to know more. The right video can leave a lasting impact in your customer’s mind when it comes time to buy.

As storytellers and creative collaborators, we seek to find clarity and deliver that through the powerful medium of video. We’ve helped some of the top consumer packaged good companies in the world to tell their story and see results––here are just a few:

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