How Video Content Impacts Your Revenue & Boosts Your Sales

Video content is an excellent way to connect with customers, boost sales, and grow overall revenue at your business. Wondering just how much you can benefit by using video at your company?

Find out now in this blog post from Epipheo – and see how video (when done correctly) can boost your revenue and help you build a better business.

ROI Varies From Business To Business – But The Data Is Clear

If you’re looking for a single case study that proves that video content is the best choice for your business, things may not be that simple. Every business is different – and we often help clients launch brand-new products with video, so we don’t always have obvious “before” and “after” metrics to show off.

But the data is clear. Video is a valuable asset – and it can have a huge impact on your sales and marketing process. Here are just a few numbers that prove the value of video.

Now that you know you should be using video for your business, you probably have two simple questions: 

  1. How do we get people to watch our full video?

  2. Who is the best resource to create the videos we need?


The best way to get people to pay attention to your content is to keep it simple, and to make sure that your video(s) address your buyer’s biggest questions that pertain to your product or service offering. 

Video is very effective – and can be even more effective than traditional sales processes – when it’s done right, especially in the post-COVID world, where video and other forms of non-face-to-face content are more important than ever for evaluating your company’s products and services.

75% of B2B customers “prefer remote sales interactions over traditional face-to-face ones,” and 76% of sales leaders “believe that remote sales interactions are equally or more effective than traditional in-person engagement in prospecting for new customers” (McKinsey).

There are a few factors that help hold viewer attention and improve the reach of your videos. 

  • Creativity – A simple video lecture, while effective at providing information, will not engage with viewers as well as a video with animated explanations, different scenes, and other creative elements.

  • Quality – Nothing is more distracting – and undermines buyer confidence more – than poor visual or sound quality. Investing in great quality is always worth it.

  • Context – Is your video providing the right information in the right format at the right time? If not, it may not capture the attention of your buyer.


    For example, a person who is just learning about your company may be interested in an overview of your business – but a person who is almost ready to make a purchase will be much more interested in a product demo video or explainer video about your product, as this will provide the proper contextual information for their purchase.

At Epipheo, we have categorized 23+ different types of videos that communicate information to your ideal audience faster than written content. 


In the past, most companies used a project-based agenda with a video company to create individual videos. But the increasing importance of video means that creating consistent, high-quality video content is essential for staying a step ahead of the competition.

There are lots of ways to create videos, and we’ve covered a few of them in this recent blog post. But if you need to create high-quality video at scale and maintain consistent output, the best option is simple – hiring a company like Epipheo that operates on a retainer model.

By hiring us, putting the proper metrics in place, and working with our team to create high-quality video content that holds viewer attention, you’re sure to prove the ROI of video in your business. So contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started. 


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