VMIM: Episode 4 – Making A Viral Video



When you reverse engineer top viral videos a predictable formula does emerge.

Sometimes companies are looking to make that one viral video.

While often other kinds of videos can be more strategic, there’s nothing like a viral video to drive awareness for a new breakthrough product.

But isn’t the kinda spontaneous sharing that creates a viral video just a matter of luck?

Well, actually when you reverse engineer the top viral videos businesses make, a predictable formula does begin to emerge.

One, it must be on a topic of mass interest because people only share videos that they think are relevant to their friends.

Two, you need to have an insane surprising hook in the first few seconds of the video.

Three, a quick compelling description of the problem.

Number four, the body of the video needs to constantly alternate between product benefit and emotional trigger every five to seven seconds, and this alternating pattern needs to be repeated five to 10 times.

Five, you need to seed the video with an aggressive paid distribution campaign the week the video is launched.

It’s impossible to guarantee that a business video is gonna go viral, but if you don’t follow this formula carefully, you can almost guarantee that it won’t.

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