Growing Your Business Using Live Action Video


Sometimes animation can’t get the job done. So, pick up a camera and capture pieces of the real world to make a live action video. This is especially valuable for physical services or demonstrations.

What is live action? Well, lots of things. Live action videos are diverse in style and production quality, ranging from smartphone recordings to professional videography. Live action explainer videos can even combine footage with 2D or 3D animation.

Though many companies operate solely in a digital space with digital services, everything eventually reaches the human level. Animation can do a lot, but sometime a real-life recording is needed.


Live action videos excel at telling human stories that feature real humans. 2D and 3D animation have the benefit of flexibility, but their ability to convey expression and relationships pales in comparison to what live action can accomplish. An artificial person can only achieve so much.

Of course, this brings some added complication. You might want a live-action company to work with you for all the details of production. The right production partner coupled with the right talent and the right message will create a video that’s impossible to forget.

A live action video might be right for you if your message has a real human impact that cannot be communicated without showing real humans.


Seeing is believing. Sometimes the best way to show your brand’s value is to, well, show your brand’s value. Seeing a product or process in motion eliminates the need for a long explanation. You can cut right to the key points you want the viewer to remember.

In this way, live action videos can be more shareable, especially educational ones. Facebook often features lots of auto-playing videos about cooking or crafts. These are some of the most-shared videos out there, and they do a great deal to raise the visibility of the brands associated with them. The same goes for live action trailers for video games or mobile games, which have a passionate audience built in. In any case, the basic value of showing instead of telling will hold true, no matter the topic.


Live action is also great for testimonials. Through interviews with real customers, clients, or employees telling their own stories, a testimonial can prove how real people benefit from the value you deliver.

These videos appeal to the audience’s need for authenticity. You can sing your own praises for days, but hearing how your brand has affected a real person might be the proof your audience demands.

A live action video might be just the thing to showcase your loyal following and brand evangelists.

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