Using 2D Animation To Grow Your Business

The most successful 2D animation videos rely on compelling characters to get their story across. These characters can range in complexity, from simple stick figures all the way up to lushly realistic drawings. These characters can speak, or they can be storybook props to demonstrate the real human value of your product or service. The characters don’t even have to be human!

The best 2D animation examples feature characters the audience can point to and say, “That’s me.” A well-crafted character video isn’t about creating a character with a long backstory. It’s about accurately portraying the frustrations and needs of your audience and showing them how your brand or message can solve those frustrations and meet those needs.

A 2D animated video might be right for you if your message is best served by showing characters acting out your story.


Some marketers recoil at the idea of 2D animation because they don’t want to cheapen their brand with something “cartoony”. While simple animation that’s goofy or irreverent goes in and out of fashion, that’s only one kind of 2D animated video.

2D animation companies like us are capable of creating digital videos with a wide range of styles, spanning every level of complexity. If your brand requires a high level of visual sophistication, 2D animation allows for the creation of worlds and characters that draw the viewer in. They’ll also make your brand look good. There’s a time and place for every level of complexity, and while simple animation can declutter your message, sometimes you want to make something that’s just beautiful.

A 2D animated video might be right for you if you’re excited by the idea of developing a rich and distinctive visual style that complements your message and brand.


We are firm believers in the value of story as the most fundamental form of human communication. Story brings structure and empathy to an otherwise cold collection of facts, features, and benefits. Story will breathe life into your list of bullet points by arranging them into a journey of change and improvement. 2D animation is a great for for storytelling because of its flexibility and wide range of stylistic possibilities.

Stories don’t have to be long and boring either. They don’t need to sprawl to feature length to get a point across. They excel at telling compelling stories in 90, 60, 30, or even 15 seconds. These options are attractive for both companies with complicated explanations that take time and brands with simple messages that don’t want to overstay their welcome.

A 2D animated video might be right for you if you want to communicate your message through a classic literary structure featuring a beginning, middle, and end—through which characters change and grow, all thanks to your product or service.


Now that you’re paying attention, I’ll ask you to lean in. I need to say this quietly so the stuffier brands don’t get scared.

“Funny videos are good.”

Of course, humor isn’t the right approach for every brand or story. 2D animation can be used to make videos about very serious topics. But when your video resembles classic animation, it causes the audience to let its guard down. It lets you subvert expectations and create openness, using the rhythm of comedy to disarm viewers and make your points more earnestly. And when your audience laughs, your audience shares.

This value isn’t exclusive to 2D animation. Both 3D and 2D can be used to the same effect, and we will gladly work with you to develop a funny and compelling story. However, 2D animation has a nostalgic appeal that is well suited for making people laugh.

A 2D animated video might be right for you if you’re willing to let your hair down and have a little fun.

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