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Training has always been a really important part of educating and teaching knowledge to others. As the world becomes even more digital this creates an incredible opportunity to leverage video in training. This could be product training, client/customer onboarding, thought leadership training or educating the next generation of activists around your world changing idea.Whatever the reason is – mini course video training can be a groundbreaking new way to get large amounts of information over to your audience in the best way possible. A constant challenge for training is creating training programs that captivate the learner audience and cause learners to sit up, take notice and, actually learn. Video has been proven to teach people things faster especially when you can enhance it with animation and other techniques that allow the viewer to have physical representations of conceptual ideas. In this article we are going to discuss the 5 best reasons why using video training can be a must have for your organization.

Retention, Retention, Retention – Images engage users more than words do. The science is there behind this statement. The “Pictorial Superiority Effect” indicates that using pictures and words together promotes greater information recall. Specifically, after 3 days, people remember 10% of the information they saw in word format whereas they tend to remember 65% of the information they saw when pictures and words were used together.

Scalability – When you have a single point person for educating a group of people you have a bottleneck at that single point person. This reduces the opportunity for other people to be trained or educated at this point person. Training videos are incredibly scalable and there is literally no limit to the audience potential that they can reach. This allows organizations, educators and visionaries to scale at a much quicker rate than they previously could.

Cost – Video mini courses are not nearly as expensive as people think – especially for the value that they provide. Imagine you pay a trainer 50-75k a year. 30k-50k you can get a mini course put together and you can use this course for as long as you need year after year. It has no travel or hotel costs and it can be in any location at anytime. The cost savings that it provides compared with the other option are exponential in nature.

Video is there at the Point of Need – Traditionally people have had to travel to a location or the trainer needed to go to a location to pass along information. Video allows the employee, student, activist or consumer to take the information at wherever they are at. There is no need to have either side jump through hoops to get access because video is directly available at the point of need. This removes a ton of real world barriers to information consumption.

Ideal For People On The Move – In our increasingly fragmented world – learners and educators are constantly on the move. It might not always be possible to get face time with the educator or trainer. But everyone has the internet and can consume this information at any point. This format serves the transient generation better than any other medium could. Bite size pieces of content for the mobile generation has massive positive implications for transmitting information.

The power of video leverages things like narrative, abstraction layers and visual picture learning to become a powerhouse medium for training people. You add to this its ability to scale, cost effectiveness and it’s ease of use to the end consumer you have a powerful training tool at your fingertips.

If you want to talk to Epipheo about how you might be able to leverage a video mini course you can check out this page here.

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