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Why Use Video With Email

Presenting: Video Marketing In A Minute with Jeremy Pryor, CEO at Epipheo. This series is intended to inspire and educate you as navigate the challenging landscape of digital marketing.

Email Marketing Is Not Dead:

You read that right! Email is still one of the most popular forms of communication today.

Jeremy offers some practical tips you can use to increase open and click-through rates:

  • Adding the word “video” in the subject line fo your email can more than DOUBLE your open rates.
  • When you add a video link in your email. Video links are clicked 3X as often as other links.
  • And when someone watches your¬†video they are 144% more likely¬†to convert to a sale.


Have we convinced you to try video in your email marketing yet?

Using video in your email is extremely valuable when it comes to engaging your audience. We would love for you to share your success stories in the comments below. Stay tuned for the Video Marketing In A Minute series to get more practical tips about how to optimize your marketing and maximize your potential.

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