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VMIM: Episode 1 – Why Use Video With Email


Contrary to what you might have heard, e-mail marketing is not dead.

As long as people write, send, and read e-mail, e-mail will continue to be a powerful tool for marketers but it is true that people are tuning out e-mail now, more than ever.

Marketers need to find new and better ways to improve their e-mail marketing campaigns.

So let’s consider what happens when you combine e-mail with video.

Just putting the word video in the subject of an e-mail will double its open rate.

Within an e-mail, a video link is clicked three times more often than any other kind of link.

And when people watch a video, they’re 144% more likely to buy the product or service. That means if you’re looking for a way to improve your next e-mail campaign, try video.

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