Our 16 Best Healthcare Explainer Videos for Video Marketing

Can we all agree that healthcare is important now more than ever? Can we also agree that we never want to hear the words “unprecedented” or “uncertain” again? When it comes to video marketing, healthcare explainer videos aren’t new. But their significance has been elevated due to these unprec—crazy times.


Can we also agree that we never want to hear the words “unprecedented” or “uncertain” again?

When it comes to video marketing, healthcare explainer videos aren’t new. But their significance has been elevated due to these unprec—crazy times.

What comes with this knowledge is the responsibility of being able to communicate clearly to your audience—whose lives may quite literally be in your hands.


  1. Animated explainer videos are proven to be effective.
  2. When you create an explainer video, you get much more than just a video.
  3. While healthcare explainer videos may be a little trickier than, say, selling toilet paper, we’ve made hundreds of them. And we know what we’re doing.

Your audience’s attention is at an all-time low when the message you’re trying to communicate is at its most vital. When you can’t fit a whole crew on a camera set, you need to get creative. By which we mean use animation.

Your audience doesn’t just need an explainer video. They need an epiphany.


How could we possibly know that without talking to you? Because people don’t buy, invest in, or frankly care about something if they don’t understand why it actually matters to them. When lives depend on it, that WHY is pretty damn important. 


Okay let’s get to the videos. Here are our best examples of healthcare videos!

*In no particular order because all of our videos are #1 in our heart (yeah, we said it).



Here’s a video that makes clever use of kinetic type and minimal illustrations to tell a compelling story. There’s no voice over which can be a great strategy to employ, considering how few people watch video with sound these days. 

The pared back color palette, music composition, and compelling subject matter all combine to make this a highly emotive piece of art that compels the audience to learn more. 

Animated explainer videos are a great solution for covering difficult subject matter like this because it allows you to tell the story without showing real people.




Here’s a video that makes clever use of motion graphics and kinetic typography to tell a compelling story. The subtle use of 3D animation and muted color palette all combine to make this a highly emotive piece that holds the audience’s attention until the very end. 

Animated healthcare explainer videos are a great solution for covering subjects like because it allows you to tell a complex story in a clear and beautiful way.



Video styles can communicate a lot to your customers. Sometimes, there isn’t a single style that perfectly fits your brand and message. 

For this video, Deloitte wanted to communicate their credibility, innovativeness, trustworthiness, and authority on this subject. The hybrid of real photography and slick motion graphics helps give their message gravitas.



Here’s a video that is less healthcare and more pharmaceutical. When it comes to a pharmaceutical explainer video, it’s important to make the visuals engaging but also realistic. 

Coming in at two minutes, it does everything the audience needs it to, including intentional moments in the video where it can be cut down into quick social cuts. 

Pharma explainer videos are a great tool for pharmaceutical companies to have at their disposal.



Staying in the pharmaceutical industry, we have this welcome video from Humana. It explains what a patient should expect after filling a prescription.

It combines a simplified user interface with relatable characters to take something that could be rather dull and make it fast-paced and engaging.



Here’s a beautiful motion graphics video with a message that sheds light on the disconnection that exists in healthcare systems. It’s an effective example of clear storytelling and high production value in action. 

While it isn’t overly emotional, the important subject matter and quality motion graphics keep the viewer interested throughout the entire video.



One of the reasons this video packs such an emotional punch is the use of a real person’s story told by that actual real person. This is a topic most people aren’t thinking about very often but that is incredibly important. 

While it’s not always necessary to use character animation in every healthcare explainer video, when you’re telling this kind of story, it’s a no brainer.



We really don’t like to pick favorites, but this is one of our favorite healthcare videos. You’re hooked within the first few seconds, and the story being told is incredibly powerful.

When it comes to whiteboard animation, there is a delicate balance. It needs to look clean and polished without looking cheap and gimmick. When done well, it can help to drive a point home. Plus, when a real doctor is also the voice over artist, that’s bound to make an interesting video!




Healthcare explainer videos work great as complimentary content. For example, the goal of this video was to animate a pre-existing how-to pamphlet. DermTech still uses their pamphlet, but now they have a simplified and more engaging way to give an overview to users. 

As the topic of skin cancer can be extremely stressful, the video’s style and music is meant to be softer and calming.



The Lown Institute is a nonprofit organization with the goal of improving the current healthcare system. This video appeals to the audience by clearly demonstrating the issues that most people can relate to.

We love this approach because empathy is really what gets an audience to care and, ultimately, take action.



Bigfoot Biomedical is a medical technology startup that focuses on improving the delivery of insulin. Since this explainer video is speaking directly to those who have diabetes and medical professionals, its tone is both informative and gentle.

The animation style of this video is simple, clear, and gets the message across without losing the viewer in unnecessary details.



The topic of developing biopharmaceuticals can get really confusing really fast. With this video, we made sure to keep the style clean and always create space to highlight important points. We have found that using both motion graphics and 3D animation together can make for an incredible pharmaceutical explainer video.

The music fits the spacy, floating setting of the video and adds just enough without distracting the audience.



When it comes to a sophisticated physical product, a 3D explainer video is likely the best way to go. For Kode Medical, they went with a 2D/3D hybrid. The 2D characters enhance the story they’re telling and the 3D model of their state-of-the-art toilet shows exactly how it works.

This is a great example of when to use a hybrid of animation styles!



Here is proof that sometimes, shorter is better. This explainer video comes in at 23 seconds but does everything it needs to. By the end, the audience knows what the organization is about and can go learn more if they want. 

The style of this one is also pared back, which helps keep the audience focused on the message.



A first-person narrative approach is a powerful creative device when coupled with gripping animation. 

Everything about this video strikes the right emotion, from the music, to the way the surgeon tells her story, to the sound design. It all comes together to powerfully tell the story of countless women who battle and survive breast cancer.



We all love it when a video makes a visual transformation (check out 1:04) but the reason it works so well is because the message, voice-over, music, and animation all time up together to make that “old story, new story” moment happen.

By the end of this healthcare explainer video, we not only understand what MSM Health is all about, but we care too and want to learn more.


Every organization can benefit from animated explainer videos, especially in the healthcare industry. You’ve got a message that is important and an audience where understanding is vital. Include video in your marketing strategy, no matter what goals you’re trying to achieve, and you’re sure to see results. Hire a healthcare video production company who will come alongside you and develop your story from the ground up, utilizing whichever creative tools are best for your particular goals.

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