Mini-Course for Lead Generation

Mini-Course for Lead Generation

If your company has a content marketing strategy it’s time to consider the mini-course for lead generation. Let’s take a look at how the mini-course stacks up against the two other most popular thought-leadership strategies for lead gen: the guide and the webinar.

Here are the top 5 reasons we think the Video Mini-Course is an amazing tool for Lead Generation.

Differentiation: If you find yourself in a crowded space with regard to thought-leadership content you need to find a way to stand out. Mini-courses allow you to offer something new and different while having advantages over the more traditional content marketing content.

Video-first: The web is going video first for one simple reason – It feels like entertainment while reading feels like work. Why make your prospects work anymore than they have to?

Top of Funnel Assets: We like to make social teasers and landing page trailer video for every mini-course. That means we’ll help get people off of Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and into your mini-course. Then we will give them a peak behind the gate to get them to submit their contact info and watch the leads pour in.

Repurposing Content: Every video from a mini-course can be repurposed for landing pages, blog content, email newsletters and every time you repurpose a segment you can drive more viewers to the full course. It’s the easiest way to ensure ROI we know of when investing in video.

Perceived Value: The word “course” carries a lot of perceived value since we all spent way too much on our education. The word “mini” says we won’t waste any of your time. Increasing perceived value is how we get people to exchange their valuable contact information for great content.

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