Introducing The Epipheo Book Trailer Contest

Introducing The Epipheo Book Trailer Contest

Time to get out and vote! Vote for your candidate and vote for your favorite book in our contest! Our contest ends November 20th so there is still plenty of time to vote! #epipheo #author #plot #readinglist #literature #kindle #literate #writer #bookcontest18 #ebtc2018 #vote2018 #vote #democracy

Posted by Epipheo on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Epipheo Book Trailer Video Content:

Epipheo is excited to announce our Book Trailer contest.

Every month Epipheo will be giving away an animated book trailer video featuring books about to be published.

At Epipheo we love making videos about epiphanies (epiphany + video = Epipheo).

So as we see upcoming books about exciting ideas we want to help those authors share their epiphanies with the world

Here is how our book trailer contest works.

Each month a team at Epipheo finds an assortment of soon-to-be-published books that contain interesting ideas and nominates 12 of them for a book trailer worth up to $20,000 in production value.

We reach out to each author and their publisher informing them about the nomination.

Then the contest begins! We share the contest with our audience and encourage authors to do the same and after two weeks of voting we declare a winner.

Next, we’re on to video production. We dig into the book and work with the author to craft a story plan, a visual style and a final script that unveils their epiphany.

We put the video into an accelerated animation process to ensure the final video is completed before the date of the book launch.

In addition to the 60-90 second book trailer, we will also produce a 10-15 second promo version of the video to help drive awareness about the book on social media.

Then it’s time to spread the word! The author can share the video across his or her channels and Epipheo will assist with the campaign on our channels including uploading the video to our YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers.

So check out the contest at and encourage others to vote for the book you would most like to see win.

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