Internal Video Content: Which Industries Need It Most?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: people love video. But you already knew that. Maybe you’ve been communicating with customers through video for years now. You know it’s more engaging than text, grabs attention better than static visuals, and generally makes people eager to see more from your business.

So, why aren’t you using video to communicate with your employees? Why are you still holding meetings that bore people to tears? Why are you still crafting 17-paragraph emails that nobody reads?

Remember, people love video. (Told you we’d say it again.) Know what your employees are? People. Therefore, your employees will love video. Do you know what that means? It means that they’ll be as responsive to video as your customers are. They’ll get the messages you convey, and they might even enjoy the process.

That’s why almost any business can benefit from internal video. Any business? Yes, any business, although some more than others. The more complex or expansive your business, the more benefits you can find in an internal video.

Why use internal video?

Internal videos are videos that are meant largely for people already in your company. They’re shared with staff and employees to help spread messages, improve the community, and build employee skills.

All of those tasks could theoretically be handled by email or in-person meetings. The keyword here is theoretically. Email and in-person meetings only go so far, which is why everyone has started using internal video.

In this case, everyone includes: Google, Mercedes-Benz, USAA, Kroger, Blue Cross Blue Shield… The list goes on.

You’ll notice that these are all different kinds of businesses from technology to insurance, food to banking. They’re all using internal videos to share news and announcements, build community, and keep their teams focused.

When you were a kid, “Everyone is doing it!” was a terrible reason to start doing something. But when it comes to business, looking around at what everyone is doing can give you an idea of what your company might be missing.  

The fact that everyone is doing internal video should tell you that it might just convey some serious benefits for your business. Namely, employees pay more attention to video than to other forms of media.

Forrester Research found that employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read internal communications.

Meetings don’t fare much better than written media. According to a survey by Steven Rogelberg at the University of North Carolina, 71 percent of senior managers think meetings are unproductive and inefficient.

So a video increases the chance that the message you’re trying to convey will actually reach your employees and have its desired impact. That opens the door to improved performance, greater consistency, and a deeper connection between your employees and your business.

What businesses need internal video?

All businesses can benefit from internal video, but some will see a greater return than others. As a general rule, the bigger and more spread out your business is, the more effective internal video will be.

If any of the following describes your business, you should already be using internal video.

  • You have more than a handful of employees.

The more employees you have, the more valuable internal video becomes. Rather than repeating the same message multiple times, you can create one, easily accessed video for everyone.

No more passing messages to the leadership team at one meeting, who have another meeting to pass them on to employees, who might hear different messages and/or misunderstand them, resulting in a company-wide email anyway, which sits as Unread until it’s basically irrelevant.  

More importantly, the built-in metrics on many video sharing platforms can tell you how many times your video was watched and even how much of it was watched. That way you know if everyone got the message or if you might need to follow-up on parts of it. Let’s see email do that.

  • You have multiple locations.

Businesses with multiple locations benefit from the internal video because you can ensure that everyone in your company hears the same message in the same way.

Traditional meetings led by on-site staff are vulnerable to the inconsistency that could hurt the overall understanding of your message. And since employees are about as likely to read text-based messaging as they are to read the terms of agreement on an app before clicking “I agree”, a standardized email isn’t the solution.

With video, employees can get your vital information on their computers, on their mobile devices, or anywhere they have an internet connection. The message is consistent and easily shared with team members.

  • You have remote employees.

Similarly, if your business has remote employees, they’re not going to attend internal meetings. To keep them from being left out of the loop, create a quick video that shares what you need to share.

It can easily be emailed to everyone or shared on your company intranet for ease of access. If you make your videos engaging enough, employees might actually look forward to watching them. After all (say it with us now), people love video.

  • You’re a tech company.

Businesses in tech or communications are particularly well-positioned to use video as an internal communication. Your employees are most likely already used to watching videos to gather information, and they don’t have the time or the patience to read long-winded emails.

Besides, presenting a technical concept in video allows you to use screen sharing and other visuals that make understanding your message a whole lot easier.

  • You’re a start-up.

Like tech companies, startups often operate on the cutting edge of new technologies. Most likely, your employees are of the millennial generation or younger. They’ve grown up watching YouTube to learn new skills and collectively spend hours each day watching videos on Facebook. Watching a video to learn a new skill or understand the latest product launch is almost what they expect.

  • You need to deliver training.

Training is a massive expense for large companies, and the cost is rising. In 2017, companies spent an average of $1,075 per learner on training according to Training Magazine. That’s up to $261 over the previous year. Video can help minimize some of that cost creep.

When you pay for an in-person class or training session for employees, you pay for that group of employees to be trained. When you hire new employees, you have to pay the same amount again to train the new group. With internal video, the cost is amortized across all of these groups. You pay for one video that you can use for months or years with as many employees as you want to take on.

What’s more, internal videos give your employees control over their learning environment.  They can follow along on their computer screens, working through a tutorial or guide. If they need extra time with a concept, they can pause the video or even replay key parts. Each employee can learn at their own pace and re-watch the video whenever they need a refresher.

Finally, internal videos have been proven to deliver positive results for employee learners. Take, for example, the largest healthcare provider in South Carolina. They were ranked 48th out of 50 in customer service. Not where they wanted to be.

They came to Epipheo looking for a solution. We created a multi-episode campaign all about customer advocacy. Within three months, they moved up to 25th. The videos were working.

These internal videos weren’t just training employees. They were changing the culture of the business, all thanks to an animated character named Tony and his video adventures.

What are you waiting for?

To summarize, if you have a business that has more employees than can comfortably ride in a mini-van, you should already be using internal video. If you need to communicate with or train employees in multiple locations, you should be using internal video. If you want your business to thrive, you should be using internal video.

Have you spotted the theme?

If you’re suddenly realizing what you’re business was missing, don’t worry. Epipheo is here to help. Contact us today to start making your first (or more) internal videos. Your employees will thank you.

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