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Brand identity and brand trust have been a staple in the consumer journey for years. The challenge is coming up with a clear way to reach a target audience and communicate your brand with ease. This is where animated explainer videos shine.

In our article, “The Science Behind why Animated Explainer Videos are Effective,” we talk about the power of video marketing. Research finds that 88% of people have been convinced to purchase a product or service simply by watching a brand’s explainer video.

With over 3000+ clients served and 5000+ videos created, Epipheo answers this call and provides a unique and creative team to craft a perfectly made explainer video for businesses to capture this trend. These videos bring a fresh sense of understanding to your brand and create an entertaining and informative atmosphere for your client, regardless of the subject matter. 

But once the animation has been made, and hours of work have been put into your breathtaking new explainer video with a snazzy voiceover for all to see, how do you get it in front of the right audience and promote your animated explainer videos effectively? Luckily, there are some quick and simple methods for taking your video to the masses and explaining what your company does best:

Utilize your landing page while keeping it above the fold 

Having your video front and center upon entering your website’s homepage creates a virtual welcome board. For anyone new to the site, or anyone who is gauging interest, their eyes are treated to your explainer video first thing and your cta or call to action is front and center. In 2014, Google released a study that looked at viewability issues in an attempt to give digital marketers insight and help them utilize more out of google analytics. Google talked about above-the-fold marketing stating that the highest rate of viewability for content was at the .8-1-page mark or right above the fold.

With this in mind, think about the flow of your website and prioritize meshing the video well with the sight itself and then position. Keeping your video right above the fold creates early engagement and acts as a spokesperson for your brand before anything else. By keeping it above the fold, or the portion of the page which is unseen upon initial viewing and needs to have users scroll down to see, you create a visual hierarchy that demands attention and doesn’t hide content you want to be seen.

Rely on your content network

The animated explainer video is ready to go and posted on the main website. Now, it is time to expand its reach. Taking into account the media platforms available to your brand, post your video on social media and video sharing sites under your brand name. It can be as simple as a post on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn or it can be as complex as your own hosted multimedia platform. The goal of picking a content channel is exposure, so choose the method that fits your company profile and video audience. 

Description and hashtags

Once you pick a content channel to host the video, be sure to apply the appropriate hashtags and descriptions underneath it to capture search engine optimization exposure and trend exposure. By labeling your video properly and writing a compelling description, viewers understand the content they are viewing and they have an informed decision before viewing your great explainer video and increasing their brand awareness. This step in the marketing journey is ideal to give subscribers and consumers an “Ah-ha!” moment with your brand and is a peak time for overall exposure.  

Share with your email list 

By leading consumers and viewers to the video content, you provide crucial clarity to the client and increase your conversion rates. While hosting it on a media channel and your main site is great, and hopefully, the meta description and SEO keywords are driving traffic, it is also important to reach your audience and engage with them ahead of time. This is where a solid email marketing strategy can help add that last push to your video and get it seen by more potential customers. 

While an unprompted or organic view of the video is a valuable metric, this can lead to a confused viewer that may or may not continue down the consumer funnel. By providing external references to the posted video you provide a convenient path and needed clarity for new viewers and confused viewers. Email campaigns containing videos of any kind also provide a clear benefit. According to data found by and research done by Hubspot, 54% of email subscribers prefer emails with videos and of those same viewers 90% say that videos help them make a purchase decision.

So, with your explainer video, creating a targeted or broad email campaign centered around your explainer video will give your video the last oomph it needs to ensnare new audiences and re-iterate and re-affirm your old fans. 

What’s Next?

You’ve done it! The video has been made and posted to all of your social media channels. You created a blog post about it and tweeted out a call to action pushing viewers to your video to round out your marketing campaign. You now have quite a hefty bundle of views and you’ve seen a boost in your numbers while it’s been up, the customer journey is complete. Now, the final step occurs. Continuation. The video should stay up and keep running and if your product, service, brand, or idea expands or adds a new facet to its functionality, then consider updating or crafting a new animated explainer video.

If your company isn’t using an animated explainer video in their marketing strategy yet, Epipheo’s services are for you. With a masterful team working with over 3000+ clients and having produced over 5000+ animated and live actions videos, Epipheo has the talent and creativity to take your video to the top.

If you’re ready to start reaching more customers and pushing your brand past its limits, reach out to us here for a quote.

By: Epipheo

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