Head of Story

Employment Type

Remote Full-Time

Reports to: Producer


Head of Story: Feature Film

We are building a small animation team to explore and set motion styles for an upcoming animated feature film. This team would work with our Production Designer and Art Director to create an animated sample sequence that will define how characters move for our production studios. We need generalists who can work in a highly collaborative pipeline to help define this style. 

Epipheo is an animation studio with a long history in animation for advertising, but this

is our first 2D animated feature film. We are seeking Animators to help bring this project to life. 


  • Supervises the storyboarding team.
  • Involved in story concept development and story structure.
  • Involved in script discussions as needed. 
  • Involved in story sequence development.
  • Director’s proxy to the Story Artists when Directors are not available. 
  • Draw up storyboards with or without script pages.
  • Offer creative input and original ideas to directors. 
  • May, sometimes, be asked to work with the edit department to build storyboard reels. 
  • Present storyboards both live and over recorded pitch video. 
  • May be asked to perform fixes for sequences when other artists are unavailable.
  • Supervise other story artists’ work to ensure it communicates the right ideas clearly and entertainingly. 
  • Attend story pitches and launches. 
  • Acts as a story representative during department meetings when needed. 
  • Determine assignments and exploration exercises for the story artists while waiting on script pages. 
  • Appropriately elevate issues and solutions to Associate Producer/Producer effectively. 
  • Work closely with the Production Supervisor in the management of the department to create the schedule and meet quotas/deadlines for both shots and sequences. 
  • Work with the Production Supervisor on casting shots/assignments to Story Artists. 
  • Responsible for improving the performance of artists on the team. Mentor artists to provide guidance, experience, and insight. Involved in trying to resolve performance-related issues. 
  • Responsible with Department Manager for maintaining crew moral. Foster a good working atmosphere and ethics. 
  • Deliver reviews with Production Supervisor to crew members; help manage career growth of staff; provide recommendations for promotions. 
  • Work with management in the casting and staffing of talent. 
  • Help with recruiting and performing interviews. Provide Story new hires with the necessary training. 
  • Facilitate meeting with artists to inform the crew of the show changes and requirements.
  • Ensure open lines of communication with other departments and department leads.