2d Animator

Employment Type

Remote Freelance

Reports to: Art Director


Animator for Feature Film

We are building a small animation team to explore and set motion styles for an upcoming animated feature film. This team would work with our Production Designer and Art Director to create an animated sample sequence that will define how characters move for our production studios. We need generalists who can work in a highly collaborative pipeline to help define this style. 

Epipheo is an animation studio with a long history in animation for advertising, but this

is our first 2D animated feature film. We are seeking Animators to help bring this project to life. 


  • Explore 2D animation techniques that fit the style direction. 
  • Help execute a final animation sample to deliver to production studios. 
  • Help put together design packet information as it relates to motion.
  • Work collaboratively with the Art Director to set the animation pipeline for the sample. 
  • Take direction from both the Art Director and the Director.

Requirements & Skills

  • 2-5 years of experience in animation. 
  • Proficient in Harmony or TVPaint
  • Expert character animation skills.
  • Ability to execute multiple versions of the same animation.
  • Great sense of stylization and how it affects anatomy and volume.
  • Graphic sensibility
  • Ability to work across multiple parts of the pipeline, from rough pencils to finished work.

Bonus Points

  • Experience doing full-color concept art or character design