Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel

Turn nice-to-haves into
must-haves with video

Knowing how and when to use video throughout the customer journey gets you where you want to go, too.



What’s the one thing all your customers have in common? They’re aware of you. Ergo, the first step in getting new customers? Introduce yourself. Get their attention. Make them aware that you’re here to help.



People know you’re out there. They know what you do. But they haven’t decided that you’re worth their money. Because they won’t give that to just anyone. Time to let video work its sweet magic. 



It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s the destination you’ve been leading your customer toward. It’s when they take that big step in the sales journey and click buy. It’s ka-ching.



Purchase may seem like the destination of your customer journey, but it doesn’t have to be the final destination. Instead, it can be its own beginning as you find ways to expand how you engage with your new customer. This could mean generating additional sales, but it could also mean creating brand advocates.




Beyond the fact that you can’t sell something to someone who doesn’t know you, creating awareness is also where you make your first impression. Yes, you have to make people aware of you, but you have to do it the right way.

Why use video to build awareness?

Video is a great introduction because it doesn’t just tell people your name. It shows them a whole picture of you. With such a rich, engaging medium, video gives you control over the entire introduction—and it stands out in the current advertising landscape.

Video does something that other forms don’t. It associates your brand with an emotion, with an experience, with a story. So people know you, yes, but they also feel you. That leads them beyond the essential first step. Now they’re really in your funnel.

Video Products to build awareness

Social Video Ads

Videos for social ads and paid placements. We can create a video that shines through on a variety of different platforms.

Live Action Videos

Lights! Camera! Action! With a set and director this video is well suited for TV or this internet thing we keep hearing about.

Express your truth. Don’t blend in with the crowd. Show them who you really are.





Competition is stiff, and customers are skeptical. Even if you have a clear competitive edge and unique value proposition, people still have their doubts. The consideration phase is where they decide if they will or they won’t. In other words, it’s the turning point.

Why use video to nurture consideration?

It may be that your audience just needs a nudge. Or they may need something a bit more substantive. A video can do some of both. As an engaging medium, it can serve as a low-pressure reminder of your value. As a highly communicative medium, it can provide more information and explanation, answering their questions quickly and efficiently.

Plus, with retargeting efforts and paid ad spend, you can easily and effectively get video in front of the people you know are considering you. Not to mention great analytics on how well your campaign is working.

Video Products to Nurture Consideration

Explainer Videos

If you could take your best elevator pitch, add visuals, then press play, you’d have a Premium Explainer Video.

Educational Video

Can opener for the mind. Quickly unpacks your idea in a fun, disarming way using animated video.

Video Courses

Send your audience down the path towards your defined destination with an animated video course.


Collaborate with an expert video strategist to bring your ideas to life.




Oh, you know, it’s just the main goal of your entire sales funnel. For all your tracking of open rates, click-throughs, page views, and time spent on site, only one metric truly matters: conversion.

Why use video to improve conversion?

If you’ve already engaged a customer and nurtured them through consideration, they’re almost there but still need that final push. A video can be your answer, as it gets you back in their immediate attention, reminds them of the value you provide, and even gives some emotional reassurance.

Because video is such a dynamic medium, it can overcome whatever final hurdles you know are usually between your customers and purchase. With precise targeting, you can get it in front of the right people at just the right time.

Video Products to improve conversion

Make your testimonials more than an endorsement. Tell a meaningful story that people will connect with.

You know that one product that you are super proud of that has been super successful? We think everyone should know about the how and why of it. Bring new life and a new audience to your case studies.




A common misconception: conversion is the final step in the customer journey. But that’s missing a huge opportunity. After all, who’s more likely to buy from you than someone who’s already bought from you? Who’s more likely to praise you to others than someone who appreciates the extra value you bring?

Why use video to build expansion?

Video is the most popular medium today. People are more likely to consume it than other forms. With an audience that has already been convinced of your value, you have a great opportunity to reap rewards from their continued engagement.

If you go the extra mile to deliver a great experience, they’ll go the extra mile for you. If you give them a series of videos that helps them get the most out of their purchase, they’ll have one more reason to recommend you to their network.

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