7 Explainer Video Production Companies To Check Out in 2020

So you’ve decided you need an explainer video

Or maybe you haven’t decided yet. Hopefully we can help with that. Explainer videos are great if you’ve got an awesome product that needs to be explained, an incredible service that might be difficult to understand, or a brand new company you want to tell the world about. Need to raise funds? Get the word about your idea? Get more people engaged with your brand? All of the above? An explainer video can help!

Explainer videos are also known as landing page videos or overview videos. Generally-speaking, they communicate your message through a visual story by setting up a problem and how your company, product, or service solves it. We like to think of these two sections of the video as the “old story” and “new story” — the old story is what someone’s life is like before they find you; the new story is what life looks like once you’ve solved their problem. 

Whether the concept for your video uses abstract visuals or is a more character-driven story, the message needs to be clear and direct so that people walk away having learned something and ultimately, are inclined to take the desired action you made the video for to begin with. 

The best explainer videos focus on one big idea instead of allowing the messaging to get bogged down with unnecessary details that the audience doesn’t need to know initially. There are a lot of creative decisions that have to be made along the way: what’s the right tone for the script, how should the video look, should there be a voice over, what mood should the music have, and many more. It’s important to pick an explainer video company that you trust to partner with you, a company that will become as close to experts on your business, industry, and objectives as they can to create the perfect video for you. 

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a video production company

Here are the big ones to look at when trying to narrow it down to the right partner.

Quality – Poke around on their website. Does their work look top-notch or just-okay? Do any of their videos look like something you’ve imagined for your explainer video? Does this seem like an explainer video production company that can bring your message to life without compromising your brand?

Cost – Some companies won’t put pricing on their website so you might have to give them a call or shoot over an email. Compare prices for different studios and make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting from each one. What are the revision cycles? Will you get all of the final source files in the end that you can repurpose? What are considered out-of-scope charges? Also, make sure to compare the work from each explainer video production company’s portfolios once you have a quote from each. Does the work seem to reflect the price you were quoted for each? Will you be making a sacrifice in terms of quality by choosing the cheaper company?

Process – Videos don’t get made over night. Every great explainer video goes through a clearly defined process to be created. While each explainer video production company’s process can differ, you’ll want to make sure the company you choose has one that’s clearly outlined. The best creative processes allow for deliverables at each stage of production so that you have plenty of time to give feedback and iterate along the way in order to get the story right. A production process is essential because it allows you to build the story bit by bit–things like the the creative concept, story outline, and rough storyboard sketches usually get nailed down first before full style and script. It’s important to lock each individual piece and flesh them out more as you go, ensuring that you aren’t wasting any time or dollars along the way. If an explainer video production company can’t clearly articulate their production process, you might want to consider a different partner.

Timeline – Depending on the production value you’re looking for, timeline can vary. When do you need your video? Can the studio deliver it in your timeframe and is there a rush fee associated with an abbreviated timeline?

Determine your priorities regarding these considerations. Maybe you don’t have much budget to work with. Maybe it’s essential for the production value to be as high as possible, no matter the cost. Maybe you need a video in a week. Whatever your needs are, there’s an explainer video company for you!

So let’s dive into what we believe are your 7 best options.

#1. Epipheo

Why we like them:

Of course we’re going to recommend ourselves — but we’ve got the creative chops to back it up! Our studio is made up of a wide variety of creatives, everyone from 3d animators to writers to strategic thinkers who collaborate from the very beginning of your project through completion. We’re category pioneers, telling digital stories for over 10 years, leaning on over 35 in-house creatives and hundreds of freelance artists globally.

We’ve published over 5,000 videos to date! We think a good explainer video is all about the epiphany, or what we like to refer to as that “ah ha” moment. We’re obsessed with these epiphany moments and love coming up with concepts to convey them. No matter which industry you’re in, we’ve got the ability to make you an explainer video that helps you achieve your goals. 


#2. Yum Yum Videos

Why we like them:

Yum Yum has been around since 2010 so you can trust that they known what they’re doing. All of the videos they create are custom to meet your brand’s needs. They’ve worked with companies in a wide variety of industries, have a clear process, and don’t skimp on quality. 

From their website:

At Yum Yum Videos, making Explainer Videos is what we love most. Our videos stand out for being highly targetedand branded and that’s because we have a creative team capable of creating flawless pieces of content with a highly organized process. We tailor the message to your company’s identity and audience’s needs and that’s why our videos taste different. Regardless of niche, we’ve crafted hundreds of videos for different industries.

#3. Switch Video

Why we like them: 

Switch Video has made over 1,200 videos to date! They set reasonable timelines, keep you informed, and complete all aspects of the job. Their videos are simple, straight-forward, and all created in-house instead of outsourcing to freelancers. They have a solid understanding of what sets an explainer video apart from other types of videos. 


From their website: 

Most companies are jumping on board with video by implementing branded clips into content marketing strategies. However, not all videos are created equal. Branded videos, like internet commercials, tutorials or case studies provide content meant to engage viewers. These videos can be animated, but often aren’t.

What an explainer video accomplishes is somewhat different. Explainer video distills often wide-ranging and complex ideas into a viewer-friendly package, allowing users to walk away with a better idea of what a company does and why its services or services are important. While these two approaches can be used together, explainer videos perform an essential function that branded videos don’t. They use a simple story to convey something much bigger: why a business exists.


#4. BluBlu Studios

Why we like them: 

BluBlu Studios has one of the most beautiful reels of any explainer video company. They aren’t only interested in simplifying your message into a short video; they also want to make sure it looks really appealing! They offer a wide variety of styles and are eager to try new things.


From their website: 

We operate fluently on all kinds of styles. No matter if you need a nice flat design, cartoon or sophisticated, textured and more realistic graphics – we can make it. And if you want to challenge us and ask for something extraordinary – go ahead! We’ll be happy to turn your vision into reality.


#5. Wyzowl

Why we like them: 

It’s clear that they really understand the pay off of a good explainer video. It can increase brand awareness, dwell time, present your business to your audience in a professional manner, give clarity, increase conversion rates, and build your story. They also have a thorough grasp on the best uses for explainer videos: on your homepage, social media, paid advertising, training and onboarding, email signatures, and sales pitches. 


From their website:

We know explainer videos more than most. Ok, there, we said it! We were one of the first in the market back in 2011 and since then we’ve created over 2,250 videos for over 1,300 companies in over 40 countries. We’ve seen just about all there is to see from different industries to obscure projects. We class ourselves as experts in the explainer video industry. From story writing, scripting, design & animation to promotion of your video. Let us pass some of this expertise on to you.


#6. Explain Ninja

Why we like them: 

The quality of their work speaks for itself. In terms of production value, their top of the line. We’ve been really impressed with some of the work we’ve seen from them recently. It’s clear that they don’t cut corners when it comes to production value. So if your highest priority is a great looking video, they’re a good option to consider. They also have a very clear pricing structure, with different packages based on what you need.


From their website:

The main rule of our company is that great explainer videos must be simple. That’s why we developed the production packages which include only important and winning features of such genre. The plans have fixed prices without any hidden commissions or payments. The initial fee includes the script work, professional voiceover by wide palette of the actors and royalty free music.


#7. Demo Duck

Why we like them: 

They truly are one of the best in the business at what they do. They’ve been around since 2011 and have made hundreds of videos since then. Their capabilities are vast when it comes to style. You’ll see nearly any style you can imagine on their reel. More than that, they seem to really grasp what makes a good explainer: creativity and clarity. 


From their website: 

We make videos for business that marry one-of-a-kind creative with carefully crafted messaging. Our videos tell stories, educate customers, simplify the complex, and humanize brands. We’ve produced content for everyone from Founders to the Fortune 500. And we’re not just about clever concepts or stylish design. From the first call to the final file, our videos are built to meet your business objectives and deliver measurable results.


There are so many explainer video companies out there today and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best, especially when it isn’t an industry you’re familiar with. We hope this helps narrow it down a bit! And keep us in mind — we’d love the chance to work with you and tell your story!