VMIM: Episode 7 – The LinkedIn Video Gold Rush



There’s a video gold rush happening right now on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is giving enormous preference to native video posts, and especially if you’re a B to B company, the time for a LinkedIn video is now.

So let me give you three ways to profit from a gold rush.

First, every thought or business leader in your company needs to start publishing some personal content.

Just open your phone, click the LinkedIn app, and tell people what you’re doing, what you’re learning, or even what you’re hoping.

Second, start a thought leadership series kinda like the one you’re watching right now.

Third, coordinate every client facing position in your company to continually expand their LinkedIn network, and constantly share your LinkedIn video content.

We know LinkedIn video will get noisier overtime, so these tactics might not work as well in the future.

So right now is the best time ever to grab your share of that LinkedIn gold.

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