3D Animator

Employment Type

Full-time (W2), remote 

Overall Objective

Tell compelling stories with appealing, believable, and engaging animation. 


  • Animate videos under the direction of the Art Director, or Animation Lead.
  • Follow animatic/storyboards and style guide to a thoughtfully animated finished video.
  • Work in a variety of styles set by the Art Director.
  • Incorporate feedback from the client.
  • Accurately estimate the time it will take to complete tasks and deliver work on-time.
  • Occasionally you will be asked to contribute in other ways such as:
    • Creating an animatic
    • Creating style samples
    • Creating full style visual beats 


Training or experience creating animated 3D sequences.

  • Strong modelling, rigging and rendering skills.
  • Must accurately communicate availability and timeline forecasts.
  • Any 3D program expertise is accepted, but we often use Cinema 4D, so experience with it is a plus.
  • Storyboard training is a plus.
  • Illustration skills are a plus.

A Week in the Life

~90% of your time will be spent animating on projects. Occasionally helping with styles or animatics.

~5% of your time will be used to plan and communicate about projects. It’s time you’ll have to take feedback, assess progress, and make sure you and your team are all on the same page.

~5% of your time will be spent doing other things like company meetings, training initiatives, and research. It’s all the “other stuff” that keeps everything and everyone working at their best. 

What Does Success Look Like?

  • Your work looks excellent.
  • You ask for and take feedback from the Art Director well.
  • You take ownership of continuing to develop your skills as an animator. You learn something on every project.
  • You turn your work in on time and proactively communicate around your schedule.