Some of our NFP clients:


Ideas change things.

Changing hearts and minds is tough. But your mission depends on it. And that means you need partnerships that get your mission, and align with your mission.

Which is why, at Epipheo, we have an entire team dedicated to partnering with non-profits, educational institutions, and thought leaders to tell the most important stories in the world, through video.

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Here's a selection of our NFP work:

Hoover Institution | Case Study

The only thing we love more than epiphanies is sharing epiphanies with the world. Our Non-Profit team, led by Creative Director Chris Ignizio, has forged a highly effective partnership with influential think tank the Hoover Institution to translate the work of Ivy League scholars into short and engaging explainer video content for their Intellections series.


Lown Institute

[Gold Addy Award Winner] The Lown Institute is a grassroots movement that seeks to transform health care systems and improve the health of communities. This Addy Award-winning video was created to stir the hearts and minds of healthcare professionals, and call them to join the movement.


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The 7 Social Video Metrics That Matter & The Tactics That Influence Them

Check out the best techniques for social video metrics. We use ‘em. You should, too.

World Relief

World Relief is an organization that works with churches to end the cycle of suffering and build sustainable communities. They needed an anthemic video for their annual conference to rally those who resonate with their cause to persist in the work they do serving those who have been marginalized.


Center for Effective Philanthropy

Hear from the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP), as well as some of the foundations they serve, as they explain why it’s so important to measure and understand the impact they’re having on the communities they serve. Our team took this project from early conversations to final delivery shooting at multiple locations.


Google Education

The team at Google Education approached us with hours of interview audio in hand looking for a fun way to bring to life the thoughts and ideas shared by students from around the world. We produced a series of animated videos capturing the ideas only kids can come up with.


City of Decatur

Growth can be exciting. But after over 30 years of strategic development, the city of Decatur, GA needed a disarming way to explain the complexities that come with city planning and how, despite the growing pains, it’s all worth it in the end.


Exodus Cry | Case Study

Tackling something as insidious as the commercial sex industry begins with changing hearts and minds. Exodus Cry approached Epipheo looking for help in creating short videos that lay the ideological foundation needed to spark mass awareness. Creative Director, Chris Ignizio, recounts the challenges and successes in navigating such an important message.

Wistia video thumbnail


Every year, Lemelson-MIT honors promising young inventors by awarding prizes of up to $15k to teams of undergraduate students and individual graduate students. They came to us looking for a social-media-friendly video spreads the word to gather applicants.

Wistia video thumbnail


EatTank is an initiative designed to educate and inspire the world about how to eat wisely and live healthfully. The website and video series were designed by our team to be delightful and educational so that the audience would not just want to eat differently, but also feel empowered to do so.


Teach For America

In 2014, 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her activism toward educational equity. Her words are captured in this video and serve as a rallying cry. Our Non-Profit team worked with Teach For America to produce this video in honor of their 25th anniversary.


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