Some of our B2C clients:


Tell more stories.

Story is the language that connects the head and the heart, so your message gets through. Consumer audiences are hungry for clarity, meaning, and that "aha!" moment. Our B2C team specializes in blending principles of storytelling, with top-notch design to help audiences better understand your brand or product.

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Here's a selection of our B2C work:


A team of African American scientists banded together to do something that had never been done before at P&G. In honor of Black History Month, P&G asked us to help tell their story—what they did, why they did it, and why it matters.



When most people think of Tyvek they think of that stuff you wrap around the exterior walls of your house. DuPont came to our team to help launch their newest line of Tyvek. Set to the 1960s hit “Up On The Roof” this musical number is a fun introduction to an innovative new product from DuPont.


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The team at TripAdvisor came to us facing a pretty big challenge, “How do we help people understand just how sophisticated and trustworthy our review verification process is?” Together, we honed the message, and delivered an explainer video that’s both informative and engaging.


Bluer Denim

Trying to disrupt something as established as the denim industry is no small task. Yet, that’s exactly what Jeff Shafer and his team are doing. We were excited to produce this behind-the-scenes look at who they are, how they do what they do, and how to join in and support their effort through Kickstarter.


National Association of Realtors

What is a Realtor? The answer may surprise you. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the term “Realtor” the NAR chose to encapsulate all that the term means in this short video. It features not just some of their history, but also the real life examples of how their members live out their values and code of ethics.



Brakes are simple, right? Not these brakes. The SureStop brake system is designed to take the thinking out of riding by utilizing a single lever to control braking on both wheels. This video is proof that sometimes the best way to really understand something is just to see it in action.



USAA is a company that seeks to serve those who have served our nation. Part of that was to deliver a handy mobile app to make managing your financial life just a little easier. Utilizing a hybrid of live-action and animation, this video provides a quick glimpse of all the app has to offer.


US Bank

Marketing videos don’t always have to make the hard sell. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your brand is to just be helpful to your audience. US Bank turned to us to to produce a series of videos that simplify some some of the most challenging financial decisions.



What’s possible with a projector? That’s the question we sought to ask and answer with this animated short for the folks at Epson. Each new vignette reveals an unexpected but meaningful way a projector can play a part in our everyday lives.


Fifth Third Bank

The Fifth Third Preferred Program breaks down the barriers between banking, borrowing, investing, and insurance while providing customers with professional guidance to achieve better results. The Fifth Third team came to us to help deliver the right message to a busy and sophisticated audience.


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