Some of our B2B clients:


It's business time.

Success, no matter how you measure it, depends on one thing: delivering a message that's crystal-clear. Our B2B team takes complex products/services/ideas, simplifies them, and clarifies them through video.

Over the years we've honed the skills, systems, and processes to consistently craft video content that delivers clarity for audiences and measurable results for companies big and small.

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Here's a selection of our B2B work:

Dropbox For Business

A great tool like Dropbox is useless if your team doesn’t understand how to use it. So what do you do? Another boring demo? Inspired by the offbeat Dropbox brand, we produced a handful of videos that do the work of a product walkthrough video, but with a spoonful of sugar that helps the tutorial go down.


Deloitte | Case Study

Deloitte brought us the challenge of creating a high-quality, on-brand explainer video to simplify and communicate a critical paradigm shift taking place in the healthcare industry. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the people and the process involved in bringing a video to life.


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The 7 Social Video Metrics That Matter & The Tactics That Influence Them

Check out the best techniques for social video metrics. We use ‘em. You should, too.


In a digital world, TV advertisement has struggled to keep pace with the level of targeting and insight possible on the web. Viacom approached our team looking for a marketing video that could simplify their diverse offerings and explain to potential customers the value they have to offer.



We love asking the question, “How can we make this as simple as possible, but no simpler?” The folks at CenturyLink were excited to ask the same question as they launched their Panamax product. This explainer video gets the job done using just visuals, music, and on-screen text.



Sometimes you need a marketing video that explains what you do. But .CO needed a video to reveal what they stand for. We dove into the heart of what they’re all about and took the project from initial discovery discussions through the final video.


Dell EMC

Dell EMC wanted to show that they can turn Big Data’s promise into practical, valuable results. By using a real world example, this video shows that Dell EMC’s approach to Big Data delivers not just incremental improvements, but potentially transformative new revenue streams.


Adobe | Vivaki

The Adobe + Vivaki partnership is opening up new possibilities for brands and digital marketers. They came to us looking for help explaining this new and disruptive idea of creating a media-focused Data Management Platform.


Jim Stengel Co.

Author and former CMO of P&G Jim Stengel leads a team whose mission is to inspire global business leaders to achieve increased growth by working from an ideals-focused framework. Distilling the essence of their unique point of view was the challenge they brought to us.



How do we avoid repeating the mistakes that led to the mortgage crisis and Great Recession of the not-too-distant past? Equifax came to our team to share how they want to be a part of that solution. This explainer video unpacks a key contributor to the meltdown and how they’ve developed a data-driven solution to tackle the problem head on.


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