Story Artist


Employment Type

Contract, Full Time. Remote (contract lengths vary)


Story Artist for Feature Film.

Story Artists will have deep input into the direction of the scenes, so we need artists who are great with character moments, love composition, and enjoy stylization in storytelling. They must be able to work with the Head of Story and the Director in a collaborative environment to find the most compelling way to flesh out a scene. 

Epipheo is an animation studio with a long history in animation for advertising, but this is our first 2D animated feature film. We are seeking Story Artists to help bring this project to life.


  • Animate videos under the direction of the Art Director, or Animation Lead.
  • Follow animatic/storyboards and style guide to a thoughtfully animated finished video.
  • Work in a variety of styles set by the Art Director.
  • Incorporate feedback from the client.
  • Accurately estimate the time it will take to complete tasks and deliver work on-time.
  • Occasionally you will be asked to contribute in other ways such as:
    • Creating an animatic
    • Creating style samples
    • Creating full style visual beats 

Requirements & Skills

  • 2-5 years of experience in story for animation. (we also need revisionists if you have fewer)
  • Proficient in StoryBoard Pro
  • Ability to express character, emotion, and attitude through drawings
  • Great sense of staging, framing, and storytelling 
  • Excellent Draftsmanship and ability to draw boards inside of the show style
  • Ability to brainstorm story ideas from rough concepts
  • Ability to present storyboards in an effective manner
  • Willingness to rework material multiple times to get a scene right

Bonus Points

  • Experience doing full-color concept art or character design

What Does Success Look Like?

  • Your work looks excellent.
  • You ask for and take feedback from the Head of Story well.
  • You take ownership of continuing to develop your skills. You learn something on every project.
  • You turn your work in on time and proactively communicate around your schedule.