Resource Coordinator

Overall Objective

  • The Resource Coordinator schedules production-level resources (Animators, Illustrators, Sound, etc.) and manages internal animator & sound designer capacity and utilization.


  • Reports to the Head of Design.
  • Full-time W2 Employee.
  • Compensation varies based on experience.



  • Schedule resources (e.g., animatic artists, style artists, animators, composers, sound designers, graphic designers) for each project based on its budget, timeline, and execution needs.
  • Run systems that monitor availability and capability for both freelance and in-house resources.
  • Monitor and forecast staffing needs.
  • Maximize resource utilization to increase project efficiency.
  • Run an RFP system for contracting freelance resources.

Onboarding and Management

  • Onboard new freelance resources, including setting per-project rates, clarifying timeline expectations, and explaining Epipheo processes.
  • Regularly check in with freelance resources to facilitate ongoing relationships.
  • Manage and maintain a feedback system for freelancer performance and experience on projects.
  • Own and resolve any ongoing scheduling issues in the studio.


  • Support Head of Design in search for potential freelancers to expand resource pool.
  • Support efforts to recruit, onboard, and schedule interns.
  • Coordinate and schedule recruiting events like on-campus recruiting events, interviews, and campus speaking engagements.


  • Extensive experience in project management as well as familiarity with project management software.
  • Exceptional skills in communication and organization.
  • Basic understanding of video creation process, including storyboarding, style design, animation, music composition, and sound design. Knowledge and experience in live-action production are a plus.
  • Experience in systems design is a plus. We constantly improve and tweak our systems and processes, so anything that shows us that you can build robust, repeatable, functional logistics processes is helpful. 

Core Areas of Accountability:

  • Fill project-level production needs for animatics, animation, assets, and more.
  • Schedule resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Meet all timelines.
  • Meet all quality expectations set by Art Directors.
  • All freelance resources are trained and informed.
  • Follow the onboarding process.
  • Communicate all policy updates.
  • Regularly communicate with freelancers.
  • Continually improve the resource scheduling system, focusing on efficiency, efficacy, and adoption rates.
  • Internal technical resources should average 90% utilization or higher