Job Opening: Producer

Overall Objective

Do you have the dual superpowers of creative thought and project management? Are you a fantastic communicator? Are you interested in creating a-ha! moments for people? Then we might have a job for you. 

At Epipheo, we create epiphanies through video. As a Producer, you’ll work with an Art Director (as well as animators, sound designers, composers, and more) to craft videos that help our clients accomplish their goals and help their audience understand something.


The Main Ways You Contribute

  • Setting the messaging strategy for every video to clearly communicate what our client’s message is and why it matters (clarity & meaning).
  • Keeping the project on schedule and on budget and ensuring our clients have a great experience working with our studio.
  • Working with Business Development to set projects up for success and to pitch new ideas to prospective clients.
  • Writing scripts.
  • Participating in/leading marketing projects on an as-needed basis.


Areas of Accountability

  • Quality of script
  • Overall video effectiveness
    • The messaging strategy & concept
    • The ability of the video to achieve client objectives
    • The client’s satisfaction with our work
  • Client experience with the studio
  • Timeline and budget adherence
  • Pitching new work


Skills Required

  • Can navigate the tension between what’s best creatively and what’s best for client objectives.
  • Leads effective and efficient creative meetings.
  • Upholds healthy collaboration with Art Directors and members of the extended creative team.
  • Wins clients over through relationship and creative leadership.
  • Inspires and instills confidence in clients throughout the production process.
  • Fights on behalf of clients in order to best serve them and accomplish their goals.
  • Solves problems with a positive, energetic, and collaborative mindset.
  • Keeps the project moving forward, ensuring the client and other team members know what’s going on at all times.