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Champion a premium experience for every client

  • Primary client contact
  • Regular status updates to the client
  • Clear communication on expectations for our team and the client
  • Quick attention to client feedback and questions
  • Represent the client’s needs and interests to our team
  • Proactive communication when issue (or potential issues) arise


Ensuring that every project is delivered on time

  • Establishing and managing the overall project timeline, ensuring all deliverables are completed and delivered on time
  • Scheduling resources including internal team members and external freelancers
  • Monitoring and continually forecasting the schedule and timeline. Foreseeing issues and communicating with team to adjust schedule as needed


Ensuring that every project is delivered on budget

  • Working with our creative team, identify then schedule the right resources based on project needs
  • Monitoring project hours for internal team to make sure within budget and allotted hours
  • Communicate with Creative Director on budget spent and forecast
  • Work with team to address issues that may arise from revisions or scope changes and the impact on hours and budget


Continuously looking to improve

  • Solution Oriented
  • Proactively looking for obstacles and ways to overcome
  • Always thinking of how we can utilize tools and resources more efficiently



  • Extremely organized, accurate, and administratively talented
  • Adapt to changing work environment and work processes
  • Take initiative to find better ways of doing things


Details: Full Time position working from our office in Cincinnati, Ohio reporting to Managing Creative Director

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