Tell compelling stories with appealing, believable, and engaging animation. This includes all art and assets used in the making of the video.


  • Animate videos under the direction given by the Creative Director, Art Director, or Producer.
  • Follow provided animatic/storyboards and style guide to a thoughtfully animated finished video.
  • We often work with animators as “one-person-shows”. Meaning that you will be the only animator on the project, so you will be responsible for all aspects of animation including motion, asset creation, compositing, editing, and rendering. 
  • Incorporate feedback from the client.
  • Accurately estimate the time it will take to complete tasks and deliver work on-time.
  • Create final render in specified file format.
  • You are responsible for any and all equipment costs associated with creating your animation assignment. 


  • Training or experience creating animated sequences. (Basically, anything that makes you an amazing visual storyteller.)
  • Strong drawing skills.
  • Must accurately communicate availability and timeline forecasting.
  • Software: We use a variety of software pipelines depending on the client. Some often-used programs include Adobe After Effects, ToonBoom Harmony, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Animate. Ultimately this will be a project-by-project decision though. 
  • The ability to work in a variety of styles is a plus.
  • Storyboard training is a plus.
  • Illustration skills are a plus.

Freelance employment is given on a 1099 contractor basis. You will work remotely and are not required to be in the office.