Editor for Animated Film

Employment Type: Full-Time W2. Remote 

Reports to: Art Department Manager

Summary: Art Director for Animated Feature Film

Editors help the director plan, coordinate, and revise the film’s flow. They begin in the story phase: editing boards into an animatic while working with the Director to choose shots that will create a cohesive and appealing final cut. They direct how the animation cuts into the final film and oversee the incorporation of audio, collaborating with sound designers and music editors. 

Epipheo is an animation studio with a long history in animation for advertising, but this is our first 2D animated feature film. We seek an experienced Editor to help bring this project to life.



  • Responsible for the edit: The editor updates the edit daily with the most current boards, sounds, animation samples, etc., to set a current State-of-the-film. From here, they also identify gaps for each department that need to be filled and communicate them to the appropriate department head. 
  • Idea Generation: The editor sits with the director to solve story problems, so the Story Team has a strong starting point.
  • Script and Storyboard: Represents the directors’ vision for dialogue and camera angles in the edit.
  • Animatic: Cut animatics together with sound and temp music to pre-visualize the final flow of each scene. 
  • Versioning systems: The editor is responsible for versioning and mask updates to communicate the state of each scene.
  • Animation: Owns final cut of finished animation for the film.
  • Pace & Timing: The editor checks that the timing for the final scenes looks excellent and that the sound and music convey the desired mood and pace.
  • Synchronizing: Ensures the final sound effects play in time to the visuals. Review the music to see if it fits the animation well; the voice sync is perfect.  


  • 5+ years of experience in film or television
  • Experience editing or boarding for animation. (Not only Live-Action)
  • Must be able to use remote feedback software (SyncSketch, Shotgrid, Frame.io, etc.)


  • Storytelling: understand how a good story works and know how best to tell one through animation
  • Knowledge of the animation process: understand each aspect of the animation process and what will be possible to create and change
  • Attending to visual and aural details: make sound judgments on precise framing when planning the animation scenes, use musical skills, and pay attention to the coming together of visuals and audio.
  • Collaboration: be able to articulate your ideas and work together with the director and writer when planning the animation, communicate effectively with other members of the post-production
  • Knowledge of editing software: have a strong understanding of different editing software programs and use them efficiently.

Bonus Points

  • Experience running a team remotely.