The Art Director creates compelling video content by directing the visual story, and ensuring high production value.


  • Own the creation and development of visual concepts for videos. This includes working with a Creative Director to achieve client objectives in a clear and meaningful video. This may involve
    • Creating an animatic or directing another to do it.
    • Creating style samples or directing another to do it.
    • Creating full style visual beats or directing another to do it.
    • Creating an animation sample or directing another to do it.
    • Some other new way of communicating the visual concept for the video.
  • Partner with a Creative Director to create story concepts. You are one part of a two-part partnership. The Creative Director is responsible for messaging and story concepts and the Art Director is responsible for visual communication and executional excellence. These things work in tandem, in fact, you will probably cross over these lines weekly with each other to make the best video possible.
  • Be flexible. Basically, do whatever your team needs you to do. Owning visual direction is the constant in this job. The way you do this can, will, and should change as you and our process gets better. Also, this is a team player role, and there is no room for “That’s not my job.” Occasionally, you will fill in for someone with a totally different role, and others will do the same for you.
  • Create story visuals to help pitch concepts to the client. You may or may not pitch the concepts to the client.
  • Direct technicians to execute on concepts. This includes directing a plan-of-action for incorporating feedback and client notes in a timely and budget-friendly manner.
  • Experiment with and design new processes for directing visuals in videos. This includes growing new skills and changing your creative involvement.



  • Training or experience creating storyboards, animatic sequences, graphic design, motion graphics or animation.  (basically, anything that makes you great at planning and directing motion.)
  • Strong drawing skills.
  • Ability to balance schedules in a demanding, multi-project, team environment.
  • Knowledge of Adobe CS required.  ToonBoom or Cinema 4D a plus.
  • Experience leading creative teams is a plus.



  • Remote
  • W2, Full Time
  • Reports to Executive Creative Director