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Explainer Videos

Why Use Video for Explanation

Maybe you’ve created something new. Maybe you’ve solved a complicated problem. Maybe you’ve seen surprising results. In any case, you have to explain it so that people will believe you.

As a visual medium, video lets you use more than words to explain whatever it is you need your audience to understand. Not only is this more effective, it’s also more likely to be consumed.


Ways You Can Use Video for Explanation

Understanding. People don’t buy something they don’t understand—especially if they don’t understand its value. Video is great at helping people see your value.

Nurture. Explainer videos aren’t typically great for awareness. But they are great for further educating someone who’s considering your product or service.

Conversion. They are great at increasing conversion when you’ve got someone in the consideration phase of the journey. Thus, explainer videos are often effective on product pages, landing pages, or email campaigns.

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Key Strategies For Explanation Videos

  • Keep it short, usually under 90 seconds.
  • Build around increasing lead conversions.
  • Improve SEO search rankings with video content.
  • Increase time on page using video explainers.



How Does Epipheo Make Explanation Videos?

Explanation is about more than understanding. It’s about seeing value. We focus on showing the a-ha moment that helps your audience see the value they can get from you.

Looking for a product that solves this use case?

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Explainer Video
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