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Why the Video Mini-Course Should be a Key Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy


Why Produce a Mini-Course

There may be no more effective format for thought-leadership than the video mini-course. Whether you have a content marketing strategy complete with guides, webinars and checklists or you’re just getting started it’s time to seriously consider the impact a video mini-course can make for your business or organization.

Video Mini-Courses Have These
Seven Surprising Superpowers


Unlike webinars or conferences, mini-course are premium content that can be immediately consumed.


The word “mini” says we’ve done the hard work of distilling this whole subject down into bite-sized pieces.


The word “course” says that we’ve thoughtfully brought together a series of important insights you likely don’t yet know.


Because mini-courses are broken into small videos you can optimize each element and swap out underperforming segments.


Unlike a guide you will see exactly how many minutes your prospect spent watching each video and if it was shared to others in their organization.


Once you have all these videos the sky's the limit when you think of how to repurpose the content. Use some of them for email, for sales enablement, share on social networks, embed in blogs and bring all those modules back to the full course page to increase the course’s exposure.


Using video segments in other content with full transcripts gives you the dual SEO benefits of time on site while they watch and keyword density as the engines index all that copy.

Is It Time For Me to Invest in a Video Mini-Course?

There are five common problems or opportunities where using a video mini-course is ideal.

  • When your client needs more education to make a decision. Many of us are selling intricate products or communicating a complex set of ideas. Our prospects need to learn in order to bite. Mini-courses are perfect because they tell the viewer that we’re going to deliver just enough content for them to make an informed decision.
  • When you want your thought-leadership content to stand out. Maybe your industry is awash in the typical thought-leadership content of white papers and guides and yourcompetitors have left the ground wide-open for you to step in with the first industry mini-course. Why not get a jump on everyone else and move to where the ball is going -video.
  • When you have a unique industry framework. If you have a way of viewing the problem that may be counter-intuitive but represents a breakthrough then your prospects need to be educated in your way of thinking to see that your solution is the obvious choice. Introducing a video mini-course buys you the time from your audience that you need to demonstrate the value of your framework.
  • When you want to own the larger conversation. Dropping a mini-course into the middle of a larger conversation is a great way for you to step in and spread your voice. The production value represented in producing a video mini-course around your topic says to those interested that you’ve taken the time to present a well thought-out perspective on the subject.
  • When you have a compelling thought-leader. If anyone in your organization presents well why trust to the hit or miss attendance of your ideal prospects at a conference or industry event. Expose your interested audience to your thought-leader now and do it in a way that puts their thoughts and their style in the best possible light.

What are the Use Cases of a Video Mini-Course?

We are the complete one-stop shop when you want to create a single educational video or an entire educational video series.

Drives Awareness

Yes, mini-courses perform great at the very top of the funnel. Creating a mini-course armed with short teasers that play on social media channels wherever your prospects spend time is a subtle but strategic way to get their attention.


Wanting to gather email addresses for your marketing and sale team, there’s nothing like the perceived value of a mini-course to cause that prospect to share their information. Most of us have spent way too much money on our education so getting a well-produced course in exchange just for my contact info feels like a fair exchange.

Email Enhancement

Videos perform better than any other content in email campaigns by a wide margin. We recommend using your mini-course as a part of a drip email campaign and nurture leads all the way to the bottom of your sales funnel.

EffectIve Training

When it’s time to educate your audience why not produce a video mini-course and track how each person performs through the process? Organizations everywhere are discovering the value of online training and how cost effective video it iswhen compared to in-person events.

Our 7 Step Process to Producing Your Video Mini-Course

  1. Identify the Topics: What’s the full scope the mini-course needs to cover.
  2. Outline the Content: What’s the ideal sequence of each element.
  3. Write the Scripts: What’s the most compelling way to say each part.
  4. Shoot the Videos: Capture everything on film.
  5. Enhance with Visuals: Bring in skilled designers and animators to tell the visual story.
  6. Produce the Marketing Materials: Create optimized teasers for each target channel and the landing page.
  7. Deploy and Amplify: Push the content to each target audience and tune the ad buying for maximum ROI.

But Do Video Mini-Courses Really Work?

We don’t have to guess. There are clear, trackable metrics for every element of the video mini-course.

  • Teaser Views

    We will produce a teaser specific for each channel you wish to target with your video mini-course. These highly optimized teasers paired with a highly targeted ad buy will ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible on any ad spend as you drive more and more people into your thought-leadership funnel.

  • Ad Clicks

    Once we’re getting your mini-course in front the of the right eyeballs we can carefully track how to maximize the click through rate of the ads.

  • Email Capture

    When your target customer hits the mini-course email capture page another short, well-designed course trailer will give your prospects a peak behind the curtain in order to drive up the number of prospects who share their email address, are added to your mailing list and arrive at the video mini-course page.

  • Video Views

    We always use an advanced video player packed with analytic reporting so we know when people are watching the videos, who is watching the videos, how far they are getting through each video and how far and fast they are moving through the course. This allows you to reach out to viewers when appropriate and optimize the video content over time to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Contact Requests

    The ultimate metric for many is how many request a contact or take another major call to action after viewing the whole course. Whether these are sales qualified leads, donors or joiners for some cause we can integrate a much more detailed call to action at the end of every course and track its ability to convert.

The 3 Big Questions


Getting a full return on investment from a mini-course is far easier to ensure than many other methods. We can peg ROI to any or each stage of the funnel from awareness, to email capture, to nurture all the way down to conversion and reuse video assets to enhance other campaigns to help you get the most return possible out of this asset.


The cost of a video mini-course depends largely on the level of production value you choose. A super simple style with limited visual assets can run as low as $1000 per minute while a style with lots of advanced visuals and animation elements can run as high as $3000 per completed video minute.


We work on your schedule. Let us know your deadlines and we’ll work to meet those whenever possible. A comfortable timeline for us to develop, shoot, edit and deploy your video mini-course would typically run 10 weeks but we’re happy to speed things up and get this done more quickly whenever that’s critical to your business goals.


What if we have content but not a great presenter?

Most organizations have someone who presents well enough to make a great video, so we’d first want to exhaust any internal options you may have. If we find there just isn’t a good fit, we could either have someone from our team fill in, or we could hire a professional actor for an additional fee.

What if we only want part of the mini-course package?

You’ll get the most out of the mini-course if you leverage the full ecosystem, but should you just want a portion, let us know and we can segment out the proposal for you.

Do I need to have a Learning Management System?

Not necessarily, but you will . Don’t worry though. There are so many out of the box solutions that we can recommend one that fits your needs and budget, and they’re super easy to setup and use.

Do I have to come to your studio to shoot the course?

Yes. This is best for both of us. It’s much easier for you to fly in for a day or two, spend time with our team in our studio than for us to either fly our staff out there, or have to find a studio in your area. It costs less, is more effective, and gives you an excuse to hang out with our awesome team all day.

What if we need help developing our content?

We can of course help out here. Many organizations don’t even realize they have amazing thought-leadership caliber content hiding inside their team somewhere. We’d love to help you discover what that is, and help you craft how to communicate it as effectively as possible. We would most likely need to add on a couple days of work to do so, but it will be well worth it.

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